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SkinDeep BTRs24-Jan-2014
Status: active
Address: p.o. box 324 arcadia fl 34265
Reporter: Rune_Walsh

Hi agreed to a rather large trade, kept pleading with me to send a portion of the pp I agreed to up front so I ended up $40. That was my fault, what made it worse is that he sent me some terrible looking receipt which, checking with Headshot, he found the website in which he made it. Gave me the tracking number 9066 5609 0140 2496 4651 65 then CP 959 947 677 US. I mean he seemed like a very nice guy over msgs, he constantly would update me, but I guess I learned never to trust someone.

I'd like my $40 back, or the package you agree to so we can complete the trade. I guess I learned not to trust people over the net, regardless of how genuine they seem.