Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on FoxHound

FoxHound Brazil BTRs17-Mar-2001
Status: active
Reporter: Chico82

We made a trade in October for my Megaman X3 for his Saturn cart which is an import converter, memory card, and a game shark all in one. I sent my stuff air mail first because I had no trade back then and he had 7. He got my stuff and said that he sent my stuff. After 2 months of sending him emails he said that he sent my stuff to the wrong address. He said that to make up for his mistake he ordered the cart that he was suppose to send me from and he threw in a light gun for all of my troubles. Two months later I still didn't get anything from this guy. In his last Email he told me that he has 2 of the carts that he was suppose to send me and he'll throw in a game for all of my troubles but that was 2 weeks ago. To all of you out there DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS GUY. He is a horrible trader and he is the biggest liar I've ever met. To you Alex I want my stuff NOW. I've been very patient with you for long enough.

FoxHound Brazil BTRs26-Nov-2000
Status: active
Reporter: chris88

We came up with a trade that I'd send $100 + $15 for 10-15 day shipping for his Dreamcast, a controller a VMU and all the DC stuff on his page. When I received a PS2, he'd send $515 and I'd send the PS2. He received my money and said that he sent the DC package. It's been almost two months now and no DC. He also said that he'd return my money (after I told him I was charging him with mail fraud) and that hasn't arrived yet either. I also know for a fact that at least two of the trades on his page weren't completed. He asked the other party to complete it because he needed more trades so someone would trade with him. These traders thought he was trustworthy so they did.