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Bad Trader Reports on uncsteve

uncsteve BTRs17-Aug-2001
Status: active
Address: 4207 Berwick Ave Toldeo OH USA 43612
Reporter: aljuan

We agreed to a trade early in June. I contacted Steve on July 9 to check the International Money Order had arrived. He apologized for having forgotten to send the strategy guide and assured me he would send it very soon.

On July 26 I contacted him again. He told me he had sent the strategy guide about "a week ago" and he was told it would take 14 days.

On August 11, I contacted him again after many attempts. He said he was on vacation and would attempt to send the strategy guide when he returned.

I am not sure what to believe now and feel increasingly doubtful of Steve's commitment to sell his strategy guide. I have sent our emails to Bill (administrator) and after discussion with him ,have placed this BTR.

I will, of course, remove this BTR the minute I receive the strategy guide.