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SnKDeViL BTRs19-Jul-2013
Status: active
Reporter: Walnut

Offered him $28 shipped for Animal Crossing for the Gamecube (new/sealed). Sent ungifted Paypal because the guy is a silver star and hasn't been active for awhile (thankfully). I sent exactly two weeks ago on July 5, 2013. Have messaged him a ton of times. Just opened a case with Paypal, which I suspect will be ended in my favor.

To resolve this I'd need my $28+fees back or the copy of Animal Crossing. I will be happy to take this down if either condition is met.

Our messages are as follows:

on 19-Jul-2013 at 12:45pm GamersAnon Well, glad I paid ungifted Paypal. I'm opening a case now.
on 16-Jul-2013 at 5:13pm GamersAnon I don't want to make you upset or come off as angry but I will admit that I am a bit frustrated at this point. This trade was opened 12 days ago and I paid 11 days ago, yet I haven't received a tracking number or an update on the status of the game.

This is not meant to be a threat but if I do not hear back within the next day I will open a claim with Paypal, since I paid with ungifted Paypal. I will also open a BTR here on GameTZ. I don't want to do either though, so please get back to me soon if you can.
on 14-Jul-2013 at 3:46pm GamersAnon Hey, we opened this trade ten days ago and I still haven't got a tracking number from you. I'm beginning to get worried. Please get back to me.
on 12-Jul-2013 at 12:29pm GamersAnon No worries man, I know people get busy. Do you have a tracking number? Thanks!
on 11-Jul-2013 at 11:26am SnKDeViL I apologize, I have been tied up, it is going in the mail this evening

on 9-Jul-2013 at 9:12am GamersAnon Hey man, I sent the money four days ago and haven't heard from you. GameTZ says you haven't signed on since July 5th so I'm assuming you just haven't been around. Please update me as soon as possible. Hope you had a good holiday :)
on 8-Jul-2013 at 1:02am GamersAnon Hey, have you had a chance to send yet?
on 5-Jul-2013 at 12:37pm GamersAnon I sent on 5-Jul-2013.
Just sent. Thank you!
on 5-Jul-2013 at 12:32pm SnKDeViL


I will have it out today, or tomorrow!
on 5-Jul-2013 at 12:26pm GamersAnon I am going to send ungifted Paypal (I'll cover the fees). I'll just need your email address. Thanks!
on 5-Jul-2013 at 11:47am SnKDeViL SnKDeViL's address:


on 5-Jul-2013 at 11:47am GamersAnon GamersAnon's address:


on 5-Jul-2013 at 11:47am SnKDeViL Offer Accepted
How will you be paying
on 5-Jul-2013 at 11:47am GamersAnon Pending trade created.
on 4-Jul-2013 at 11:49pm GamersAnon Offer Created