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Bad Trader Reports on MrHamsterCow

MrHamsterCow BTRs4-May-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Mrhamstercow
Reporter: CYDF

I sent him a sick of it all cd for an MXPX cd. after not hearing from him i got an email saying that he gave the MXPX cd to his girlfriend and was keeping mine and if i want the MXPX cd i had to go and buy it. After fighting for a while he said he'd send me 9 dollars for the cd, and it was never sent to me. so after months of fighting im left with out a cd and nothing to show for it. if theres something you want from this trader i promise you that you can find it from someone else, BECAUSE THIS GUY WILL ONLY RIP YOU OFF, DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM!!