Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on JA

JA Canada BTRs2-Aug-2002
Status: active
Reporter: LuminuS

Me and jason made a trade a few months back, My aiw 8mb video card and $50 us money order for an mp3 player and a voodoo3 pci card. I had sent his item ground mail, and he had claimed it had never been recieved. I didnt find this beleiveable, but couldnt prove it till recently. I had filled out a form tracking where the money order had been cashed, and infact it was. Ja has lied to me over the status of my items, saying he had never recieved them which is now untrue.

I have given Jason a period of two weeks to return my items before i contact his parents and consider this a form of mail fraud. This will be removed upon the return of $50 US and my AIW video card.

JA Canada BTRs10-Jul-2002
Status: active
Aliases: JA
Reporter: FireWaterBurn

Me and Jason pended a trade a month ago. I was to give my Nba in the Zone with case (GB) and $2 for his Walkman (tape and radio). He had way more trades than me so i sent first. i sent a week after the trade was pended. I emailed jason and asked him to contact me when he received my packaged. then suddenly, He disappeared. he is never in chat or Forums anymore and i noticed that he already has 1 btr on him.

Jason just send back the game and $ or the walkman. I just want to get the trade done and take off this btr. Email me Jason because you are not responding to me.