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Bad Trader Reports on steepdrop

steepdrop BTRs18-Dec-2000
Status: active
Aliases: steepdrop
Address: 5712 Magnolia Ave Rialto CA 92377
Reporter: Kevster

We agreed in a trade for my Chrono Cross for three animes. I sent Chrono Cross out by UPS and he said he sent mine as well. He has since not responded to any emails and I have recieved nothing. When I recieve a response or items I'll take this down

Update 1-2-00

Finally emailed me and offered to include another anime because of the delay. Sent Address again and we will see what happens

Update 1-11-00

Emailed me on 1-9, said tapes were sent out Monday we'll see what happens

Update 1-15-00
One week later and still no videos, this person has no desire to send anything period. Avoid him otherwise

Update 3-6-01

He has now relogged back in under new email address: Nothing has changed where are my videos?