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Bad Trader Reports on skwirl

skwirl BTRs31-May-2004
Status: active
Reporter: segasonicfan

I sent his items on Febuary 18th. It's now almost July and he has not responded to any of my emails nor has he sent my part of the trade. I have received and heard nothing from him. I will take this BTR down when I receive my items.

skwirl BTRs8-May-2004
Status: active
Reporter: SupremeCookie

I'm posting this because Shannon and I aggreed upon our trade back in February, after a month of constant contact with him about our trade, communication stopped and I haven't heard from him since. At first I was hesitant to put this BTR up because he seemed like an honest guy and I just figured he may of had some family problems or some thing like that.

I will take this BTR down when I get my stuff.

All I'm asking for is that you contact me and LMK whats going on, I'm not mad nor will I get mad, but just let me know. I hope this can be resolved quickly and once agian I'm just posting this to try and get my stuff from him.

~Supreme Cookie