Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Technical_Nikita

Technical_Nikita BTRs2-Feb-2003
Status: active
Reporter: aksjdhaksdja

We agreed for a trade. My 25$ for her digital camera. This was going to be my moms xmas present. This trade was swell. Well, I got it and tried on the computer and It did not work. So, I went to Nikita and told her and she was very kind about it and told me she sent the money monday. I told myself"She had a good trade with me before, I can trust her". So, I sent out without receiving the money yet. It has been a month since I sent out my package and I have yet to receive my 25 dollars. Oh yeah my mom is still without a xmas present. Mail fraud will be filed in 3 days, so just know that im not one to take this lightly. This will be taken down only when I get my 25 dollars down.

Technical_Nikita BTRs29-Sep-2002
Status: active
Reporter: Sir_Ogre

i paid 165 through paypal and the check cleared three weeks ago and i have not recived my gamecube or game so i am posting this untill i get my stuff or money back i am filing with paypal to get the money back right now