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Bad Trader Reports on XIlIlIa3pvw

XIlIlIa3pvw BTRs8-May-2002
Status: active
Aliases: XIlIlIa3pvw
Reporter: s0520870

The single worst bad trader on this site. He ripped off several other guys - stealing a PS2 for awhile before sending it back. Ugh! He deleted the trade before he ignored me in every possible way. I forgot his nickname/name so I couldn't file this for awhile. But he ripped me out of a crapload of N64 and PS2 games/other stuff. I went through a ton to get my crap back. I called several addresses, including the police. After I got the right home, I was unable to get ahold of him. He avoided me big time. So, until I get my stuff back, or the stuff he traded me, it's over for this guy's trading career. He is a monster. A vile, disusting creature. He is a criminal. Do not even consider trading with him. Or buying/selling. There's some sick connection between him and another trader who has shut down his account. I don't know how it worked, there was never a good answer from anyone. I will post the same message at the other guy's account (see my BTR list for him). Supposedly one hacked into the other's account (yeah right). They have some team stealing going on. Avoid this scum at any cost.