Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Evan

Evan BTRs4-Aug-2003
Status: active
Reporter: athena1027

He agreed to sell my Diablo 2 for 13 dollars. I sent him the check the say after we agreed to the price. After a few weeks, I check up on his page and finds out he was reported as a bad trader, I e-mail him asking where is my game, he tells me his computer crashed and lost my address. I e-mailed it to him again, it has been exactly more than one month since our original transaction. I emailed him with no response. I am VERY fustrated with him.

He has a HISTORY of BAD TRADES! Check his records. DO NOT trade with this user. Not to be trusted.
He completed his side of the trade, then I completed my side. Months later he posts this BTR on me out of the blue with no contact and I am still unable to figure out why. Yvonne, if you read this, please contact me by email: so we can settle this. I am very confused by this.