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Bad Trader Reports on Towelie

Towelie BTRs9-Oct-2003
Status: active
Reporter: MaX321

I traded him $16 and 2 cd's for 6 vhs movies ( Saving Private Ryan, Anaconda (Unopened), Saving Silverman, Ready to Rumble, Beverly Hills Ninja, Bedazzled) of his. Since he had more trades he insisted i sent first. Well i did send. He never sent the movies and i am very mad. I will take him to court if he never emails me about sending. Towelie if you ever see this email me and SEND my movies with dc #. Don't say you never recieved cause you emailed me like a little over a month ago and said you received. My username is MaX321 and my email is
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (11-May-2006)
B.S. I sent a long time ago.