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ImDaIcon BTRs19-Sep-2008
Status: active
Reporter: Justin

On August 4th, we agreed on a trade. My $40 for his The Shield seasons 4 and 5. We agreed to ship first class. I mailed concealed cash via 1st class, and he received. He mailed, but did not use first class as agreed upon. Understandably, it would not qualify for fist class because of the weight. But, instead of contacting me, he sent via Parcel Post (he thinks).

After waiting about 2 weeks with no update on the delivery confirmation, we figured the package was lost. I contacted the post office (something he was unwilling to do), and was told there wasn't much they could do, but they'd let me know if they found out anything. Recently, ImDalcon messaged me and told me he was contacted by the post office. He said they said the package was damaged (and lost?) and he would file a claim.

Anyway, all I want is for him to split the loss with me. Since it's neither of our faults (though, one could say it is more his fault for sending a method other than we agreed upon), I think this would be fair. He refuses to do this.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-Sep-2008)
My responsibility is to ship the package, not hand deliver it to his house. It was shipped, I used delivery confirmation showing that it has shipped.

I'm sorry the package got lost. But that is his beef with the postal service who LOST it, not with the guy who sent it.