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Bad Trader Reports on bse

bse BTRs13-Jan-2012
Status: active
Reporter: gold91gsx

i bought modern warfare 3 from bse.I sent the money to him on the 11th of dec.He clicked sent on the 20th of december.It is now january 13th and game has not been delivered yet.I will take down BTR if i either get the game or my money back

bse BTRs5-Jan-2012
Status: active
Reporter: bungholio

NOV 27th 2011: Pending trade for my $50 PP for La Noire and Skyrim for Xbox 360. I paid right away.
NOV 30th 2011 Give me tracking info, however it was just the generic message when you print a label, but don't put in the mail.
Send a few messages because I never heard back from him, finally get a response:
DEC 10th 2011 bse said grandma died, games were in his glovebox and would be mailed right away.
DEC 14th 2011 bse said he hasn't forgot and will mail tomorrow.
DEC 18th 2011 bse said he would mail PRIORITY tomrorow.
DEC 20th 2011 bse marked as sent.

That is the last i heard from him. I have emailed both of his email addresses and even contacted him on FACEBOOK and have received no replies.

I was patient, and still would like either the games or the money back. Skyrim was supposed to be a Christmas present, and that never happened.

I will gladly remove this BTR if either of the two above are done. Hopefully he can fix these issues. I understand things happen and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Do the right thing Brandon.

bse BTRs29-Dec-2011
Status: active
Reporter: Alphacap

He agreed to sell me his left 2 dead 2 for $12 paypal. i sent out immediately, and he confirmed that he received. A month later, i have still not received my game and he is not responding to my messages. I will delete this BTR when i get my game or my money back.

bse BTRs29-Dec-2011
Status: active
Reporter: atomheartmother

I received an offer in response to my WTB post for Zelda Skyward Sword for $33 shipped on 12/11/11 at 10:22 am. I accepted the offer at 11:09 am and sent payment via gifted Paypal at 12:10 pm on the same day. On 12/13/11, I sent an offer message asking if he mailed it yet, and he responded on 12/14/11 that he had not but would try the next day (12/15/11). On 12/18/11 I sent another offer message asking if he had sent it. After no response, I sent another message the next day on 12/19/11 stating that if he could not mail it the next day, I would like a refund. On 12/20/11, he stated, "shipping today dont worry." On 12/23/11, I sent an offer message asking if he sent it. After no response on 12/24/11, I stated that I assumed he hasn't sent it and that I'd like a refund. There has been no response since, and I have not received the game.

The trader can resolve this by either mailing it to me ASAP (within 3 days) or refunding my money on Paypal. Simple enough.