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LordRecluse Has Written 2 Reviews BTRs22-Apr-2006
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Reporter: jonathonwillie

sent money via paypal on march 9th. He said he sent on march 15th. no items have come. Tried to contact but was ignored. Already has 1 btr at the moment. Mine makes it 2.

LordRecluse Has Written 2 Reviews BTRs20-Mar-2006
Status: active
Reporter: axekiller


It has now been 12 weeks since this thief supposedly sent my package. I will now go ahead and file my complaints with the relevant authorities.

I will file a complaint with his local Police Station here

I will then contact to file a Mail fraud complaint (Felony charge).

Then the last thing i will do will be to file a complaint with the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Centre

I hope that they can find him and bring him to Justice.

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We pended a trade up on the 28th Feb. The trade was a big one and consisted of a NDS with 11 games and also FFIX Psx Excellent, Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 (Unopened), Samba de Amigo (Unopened). I sent Brian $250 Cash by Registered mail. Tracking told me that he recieved the money on Wednesday 8th March. He said that he recieved on Thursday the 9th. He stated in his BIO page that he only sends Wednesday and Saturday. I state on my BIO page (Rule #1)


If you are going to take some time to send after you have recieved payment or my part of the trade or just if you are not going to send within a few days of pending the trade, TELL ME! I am patient but only just and when I am not told to expect a shipping delay then i get VERY annoyed. So please, don't forget to tell me about any shipping delays. I ship within a few days and i pay within a few hours of pending and expect you to show the same courtesy.


Thats my main rule. I only use this rule as i have been jerked around before after sending my money or Paypal. Tuesday the 14th March rolls by and i still have not had word from Brian about whether he sent or not. I contact him to ask him whats happeneing. He says that he went on a trip on Saturday 11th and could not send. I told him that i was not happy with that as he said in his BIO that he sends Weds and Sat. Now he says that he went for a trip so couldn't send. He could have sent on the way to wherever he went. Only takes a few mins to post something. Or at the very least he could have told me that he couldn't send on that Saturday and could only send on the following Wednesday but he never did (Until i messaged him). He then tells me to read his BIO page (I did) and to be patient because his trip was *Unexpected* (He never told me that the trip was unexpected in his first reply.). And puts an Angry face at the end of it.

Well it basically spiralled into a push and shove match. I ended up telling him that he had 2 options. Send my package or refund my money. He didn't do either. I then told him that i would contact a mod about it. I did this and he still refuses to send. He now wants me to apologise to him before he will send. I find this to be outrageous. He has my money. He still has the NDS package and games. He is playing the NDS while spending my money. He refuses to send now. This BTR will stay up until i get my package. If i don't get it soon i will be calling the Local law enforcement and i will forward them all the details.

Edit: 22nd March,
Just read all the crap that this guy has said and it is all halftruths. He totally misconstrued what i said.

Edit: 23rd March,
He has now sent. Funny thing is he sent Surface Economy post after agreeing to Air Parcel. Surface takes 10 weeks to get to me in New Zealand. That is unacceptable. That shows you again that he never read my BIO as rule 2 clearly states that i only accept Air shipping. I have informed him that i will place Return to Sender on the package when it arrives and now want my money back. He has done this for spite. Shows you what a sad pathetic person he is. I stipulated loads of times right from the start of our trade, that i wanted AIRMAIL Parcel Post Insured. Thats the final straw.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (20-Mar-2006)
My rules


I Ship on Wendsdays,and Saturdays.

End Qoute.

He did not agree to my terms like i did not agree to his Rule #1.

I told him i could not send on last saturday, because i had to go on an unexpected trip, and that i had 4 packages i had to send but couldent.

He asked me on Monday whats Up? I told him what happened and he got very pissed, and anal about me not telling him sooner. He then accuses me of sending when ever i feel like it, and that i am practicing bad trading. I consider that an insult right of the bat, because i cannot get to the post office everyday. I apolgized that i did not tell him sooner, but yet he was still pissed because i didnt tell him 2 days earlier. I told him the days i ship, and he just kept on badgering about me not telling him sooner, and then it escalated into an arguing match, where we both had a fair share of picks at each other. I told him i was sorry and that i apoligized that i didnt tell him sooner, then he brings up canceling the trade. He tells me if you want to cancel the trade thats fine, if not then go ahead and send. I get the vibe hes wanting me to cancel, because he is the one that brought it up, and if i did he would leave a long ass paragraph on cancel trades in my bio. So i told him dont make me choose, if you want to cancel then cancel because your the buyer. In the end, i admitted i didnt read his rule #1 or his bio, and i apoligized that i didnt tell him sooner, but he NEVER admitted he was wrong or said he was sorry for anything.

Not a very good practice man. I mean if you state that you only ship on those 2 days then you should do so.
End Qoute

Thats where it all started, if he had read my bio at all he would not have posted that at all.

He is playing the NDS while spending my money. He refuses to send now.
End Qoute

Actually i am not playing it, it's packed in a box with your name on it, but i doubt i will ever send it now since you posted this btr, i didnt send this saturday because i was in LA, with no time for response.

Like i said to this guy he put this on himself, he let it escalte to what it is now, he had a bunch of times to apolgized which probably would of helped, but his ego is above his head and he has no spine to do that, or even admit when he is wrong.

And what is this all for NOT TELLING HIM 2 FUDGING DAYS EARLIER THAT I COULD NOT SEND, how sad is that, and he took it so personally because i didnt tell him.

Thats all i have to say, i didnt deserve the treatment this guy gave me.