Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Wetwlly

Wetwlly BTRs13-Jun-2000
Status: active
Aliases: raven1,Smackdown,Sk8er98
Address: 245 Manley Court,San Jose, Ca 95139
Reporter: Qawiy

He wanted to trade me his DC Light Gun for my Soul Calibur and never sent me his part of the deal. Next thing he gives me a bad rating and says I ripped him OFF!

Wetwlly BTRs27-May-2000
Status: active
Aliases: SmckDwn178
Reporter: SlipknotFan

About 2 months or more ago, I shipped him 3 cd's in mint condition and 10 dollars cash for Blitz 2000 (N64). He denied ever recieving my merchandise until I pointed out to him he had them listed on his page. He told me he sent on at least 5 seperate occasions and has given me countless excuses why I never recieved.

Usman, if you are reading this, take it as no joke. I will file for mail fraud if I do not recieve Blitz 2000 within the next 2 weeks. I will remove this report when i get the game, and if i get the game, there will be no fraud suit.

I have been kind and patient for too long now. If you need my address or anything, email me. Just send me the game and we'll get this off of here.

Wetwlly BTRs21-Apr-2000
Status: active
Aliases: raven1,Usman Parvaiz
Address: 245 Manley Court,San Jose, Ca 95139
Reporter: sa330206

NHLFreak101 aka raven1 aka Usman Parvaiz ripped me off a while ago and i reported him under the name raven1...we agreed on a deal where i was to get SONIC,HOTD2,and the LIGHTGUN! He sent me the 2 games and no lightgun and now he has a new name. He now has traded the lightgun he agreed to send me away! Usman i will track you down and put a BAD TRADER REPORT on every name you have...unless you send me a.) a lightgun b.)$30 your choice, I suggest no one trades with this scam artist!


Wetwlly BTRs13-Apr-2000
Status: active
Aliases: NHLFreak101
Address: 245 Manley Court San Jose, Ca 95139
Reporter: X2theZXzibit

I made a trade with him on the 27th of March, and we agreed to trade my Sega Bass Fishing W/ Rod for His Unopened NHL2k and his NFL2k all for DC. We agreed to send on the same day because then i had the same amount of trades as him. We "both" sent the following day and he received my games 2 days later, but i still didnt receive his, then a week and a half later i still did not receive my games, so i contacted him and his words were, The mail probably got lost, i'll send them again to you, so i asked how he could get the same games again and send them to me, he said he works at a video game store and he gets them from free. Since he told me that i was very suspicious on his actions. Then he told me that he sent the games again but the NHL2k he sent me was opened, but even though he told me i'm getting it unopened i agreed because i wanted my games already, its been a week after that and still no games, it is now the 13th of April and we Agreed the 27th of March, all i hear from him is to wait one more day one more day, but still no game. I'll take this report down when i get my games, no earlier!
I'd Watch out from this guy, he has traded NHL2k already more then 2 times that i know of sure, and last night the UGTZ user SGTShaggy contacted me about NHLFreak101 wanting to trade him a copy of NHL2k, so he is obviously up to somthing, watch out for this guy!

Wetwlly BTRs11-Apr-2000
Status: active
Aliases: raven1 or Smackdown or Sk8er98
Address: forgot
Reporter: livekurt47

One month ago, I sent him some pc games but he said some of them are not working, so I asked him send them back but he is not replying to my message.
He is mentally sick, watch him talking when he tries to rip someone off, he kept bother me with same stupid question and other stupid questions so that I get to think It would take a year to get them back, so I gave up, and now I'm reporting this to warn you guys.