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OldSchoolGamer Has Written 1 Review BTRs22-Oct-2011
Status: active
Aliases: OldSchoolGamer
Address: Mason Flinn 3 Paddock LN PO Box 432 Hamilton, MA 01936
Reporter: SolidSOL

Payed him in September. He says he's sending but never responds to me. In order for this to be resolved I either need my money back or the agreed upon item I payed for.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (6-Dec-2011)
Hey. I am not fighting this as its deserved 100%. I have not been myself lately and I have had to go through the most agonizing move i have ever delt with in my life. No excuses here though...i dropped the ball big time. I will have the package out either this week or next...should arrive in time for xmas i hope. I will take care of shipping due to the long wait i've needlessly put you through and i have thrown in some extras if you want the package or If you want your $70 back instead it'll take me another week or 2 to get it together but i'll have it. Let me know how you want to handle this and i'll do as you wish. I am going to prob be leaving the site as i've found as times goes on ive found less and less of a need to stay here so I might close my account after this is resolved. Im not 100% on that though. I apologize again for this as my lifes slowly going to crap, lots going on and nows not the time for me to be making online deals. Please forgive me on this and get back to me so we can resolve this.