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Bad Trader Reports on PatrickSA

PatrickSA South Africa BTRs31-May-2000
Status: active
Address: P.O.Box 25237, Langenhoven Park , Bloemfontein, South Africa 9330
Reporter: skwalton

Patrick contacted me on 3/1/00 to trade Prince of Persia 3D for Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. On 3/3/00 I sent my game to him via registered mail & then e-mailed him. (I still have all the receipts proving I sent it.) He e-mailed back saying he would post my game later that same day. I have had no further contact with Patrick as he never answered my second e-mail to him which I made 6-7 weeks later. I did however get an e-mail from a guy named David who was supposed to be taking care of Patrick's pending trades while Patrick was out of commission (according to his account it was due to an accident). David said he would look into it and get back with me in a week. It's now been 2 1/2 weeks and I have received no response to my two inquiries since then. I have been very patient and polite in my e-mails to Patrick, but it's now time for me to take action. I'll be glad to retract my bad traders report if Patrick will make good on this trade. But as of now, I would advise other traders NOT to trade with this person!

PS: If you're wondering why my pending trade is dated 5/31/00, it's due to the GTZ Administrator deleting 3-month old pending trades. So I re-entered the listing.

PatrickSA South Africa BTRs12-May-2000
Status: active
Reporter: Leza

I am maybe sticking my neck out in defence of Patrick Buys but he has always been a good trader and being from South Africa myself a few traders asked me to find out about trades not being fulfilled. I have discovered that Patrick had a motor bike accident and is not back at work yet.
I do not know him personally and we live 900 km apart but I have personaly traded with him and never had a problem.
I will try to find out more and anybody concerned can contact me at
Please do not be hasty in your judgement and dont' condemn a whole nation for one person!
Leza Oliver

PatrickSA South Africa BTRs29-Apr-2000
Status: active
Address: PO Box 25237, Langenhoven Park, 9330, South Africa
Reporter: AngieBG

I emailed Patrick Buys regarding a game on Feb 20th and on March 14th, I posted a music CD to him.
He emailed me the same day informing me that my game would be posted the following day.
I then emailed him again on March 29th and April 5th, but received no reply.
He replied to my third email dated April 19th that he had received the CD I sent, but not my previous 2 emails.
He also informed me that he had sent me an email the previous week, which I never received.
Since then, I have heard from 3 other traders that they have also not received their games.
I feel at this point that Mr Buys has left me no alternative but to report him as a bad trader.
A report that I would be most happy to withdraw if I receive my part of the trade.
This is the first time I have had any dealings with someone from South Africa, and I'm sad to say Mr Buys has left me with a jaundiced view of trading with people in SA.

PatrickSA South Africa BTRs28-Apr-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Patrick SA
Address: PO Box 25237 Langenhoven park, 9330 South Africa
Reporter: pinball

I have been waiting since the 15th of Feb. for a game from him that he said he sent regeristered air mail on the 15th of feb. the last email I had from him was on the 4th of April he said he had checked on the package and he would get back to me on the 5th or 6th for sure and let me know what he found out. After repeated emails still no answer. He has already confirmed his side of the trade.
I hope he will make this trade good as I will think twice about trading with anyone from out of the USA again. Randy Johnson

PatrickSA South Africa BTRs28-Apr-2000
Status: active
Address: PO Box 25237, Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein, RSA
Reporter: KwaZulu

I agreed a trade with Patrick 21st March & sent my package by Recorded airmail as Patrick's UGTZ listing requested. He said he did the same.
Patrick confirmed receipt of my parcel on 30th March, but it is now 28th April & I have yet to receive his.
After several emails, Patrick agreed to try to chase the delivery up with the Post Office on 16th April & advise but I have heard nothing from him.
I have repeatedly emailed Patrick to ask for any kind of confirmation or tracking number to try to trace the package from my side in the UK but have yet to receive a reply.
I have never filed a Bad Trader Report before, and do not wish to tarnish Patrick's name if the Post Office have indeed mislaid my parcel, but I have heard from 3 other UGTZ members over the last 2 weeks, who have also got long overdue or missing parcels from him & feel that this has got to be more than just coincidence.
I will gladly remove this Report as soon Patricks parcel arrives.
Jon Bradbury (Kwazulu)

UPDATE 18/6/00
David who is responding on behalf of Patrick has advised me that he has now re-sent the items owed to me by Patrick. The goods were apparently airmailed 26th May, but have yet to arrive in the UK as at 18th June.