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pseudonym1 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Canada BTRs18-Feb-2013
Status: active
Reporter: Qpalzm

My transaction with Tim was also on December 31, 2012, like gypsy's. I sent Tim $8 paypal for his Paprika Blu-Ray. On Jan 4, he stated " I sent your movie by Air mail and should take 2 weeks to arrive from Canada. Thanks very much. :)"

However, it became increasingly clear that this item was not shipped airmail, as I ship first-class airmail to canada on a regular basis..
Now, as there is an additional trader who has filed a BTR, I feel it is less likely that Tim actually shipped, and that he has been pulling my leg.

I'd like a full refund of my paypal, as it's been nearly 2 months, and I know how much time and money it costs to ship under 13oz air mail to and from canada. it is clear to me he has not shipped.

Here is my correspondence

When Who Message
on 15-Feb-2013 at 8:38am Qpalzm Howdy, did you receive my last message? At this point, would like to close out.
on 11-Feb-2013 at 4:37pm Qpalzm Hey Tim, I think I'm going to assume, that this package will not arrive. As such, I'd like it if we could split the difference for our time here.
Could you please return $4 US of the $8 paypal I sent for this item, and call it a day?
If by some amazing feat, the blu-ray does arrive, I am happy to re-paypal you the difference.
If you are okay with this, please paypal me, and I'm happy to complete the trade, and be done with this.
on 4-Feb-2013 at 10:22am Qpalzm At this point, I think we need to evaluate what happened to the package and how to go from here.
How long do you feel I should wait for the deliver until we have this discussion?
If you truly think it'll get here in a week or so, I'm happy to wait, but it's never taken this long to get anything from canada. I'm in the contiguous united states, I could have driven to canada and back 4 fold in this time frame.
Let me know your thoughts.
on 31-Jan-2013 at 9:09pm pseudonym1 I'm so sorry for the wait I've been away on a work trip for the past week. I mailed it by ground mail, basically the econ shipping in Canada, so there's no tracking # available as far as I know. I can ask at the post office tomorrow if you'd like.
on 28-Jan-2013 at 10:12am Qpalzm anyword? Do you happen to have a customs or tracking number?
on 23-Jan-2013 at 10:26am Qpalzm Just an update. Still has not arrived.
on 18-Jan-2013 at 12:42pm pseudonym1 Canada Post and border customs can make it slow sometimes. I'll check at the post office for you on Monday if it hasn't arrived. Thanks.
on 14-Jan-2013 at 3:50pm Qpalzm perhaps I was mistaken! I was sure it'd be here by now.
on 4-Jan-2013 at 12:40pm Qpalzm In my experience air mail shouldn't take that long. I'll keep an eye out.
on 4-Jan-2013 at 10:19am pseudonym1 I sent on 4-Jan-2013.
Sorry for the wait, I sent your movie by Air mail and should take 2 weeks to arrive from Canada. Thanks very much. :)

Seems like quite a bit of trouble just for 8 bucks paypal. I'd like my money back.

UPDATE August 28, 2013.
Still no response from Tim. It seems he has not logged into the website in over six months.
So sad, all I wanted to do was watch Paprika!

Update Feb 2014:
His account is now abandoned. So its clear: Tim Coucherne is a thief. He stole my money, and now everyone in Manitoba should know.


pseudonym1 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Canada BTRs17-Feb-2013
Status: active
Reporter: Gypsy

We pended a transaction on December 31st of last year. I was to pay him $90 in exchange for two anime sets (Scrapped Princess and Karin). I paid the day the transaction was agreed upon despite the difference in trades and his recent feedback because we have had two transactions in the past. Five days later he marks as shipped (Jan 4th). Two weeks later he messages me.

on 18-Jan-2013 at 11:40am pseudonym1 Checking in to see if you got the DVDs? I'm going to be away for a week starting Monday, please let me know. Thanks!

Of course, I haven't. This was also my last contact in terms of a message from his side. I still have not received the dvds and he hasn't logged on to the site since January 31st. Seems like he took my money and ran. He also has another trade pended the same day with the same situation (other person paid, never received their item).

Seems unlikely but BTR will be taken down when I receive the item or my money back and we cancel the trade.