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Bad Trader Reports on XboxMarvin

XboxMarvin BTRs20-Mar-2006
Status: active
Reporter: Gooseberry

Had trade for my Burnout Revenge (XBOX).

He recieved Burnout. Now trying to rip me off.

Hasn't responded about this ever since we first made the trade. I had the feeling he might do this when we first made this trade but i had traded with him few times before so i did it anyway.

XboxMarvin BTRs21-Jan-2006
Status: active
Reporter: Andrew_J

On October 13th, 2005, Marvin and myself finalized a deal that involved me selling him copies of Oregon Trail 2 (PC), Amazon Trail 2 (PC), Jewels of the Oracle (PC), The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker strategy guide, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) for $45 money order/non-cc money order (whatever was most convient, is what I told him to use.)

I had traded once before with Marvin, so his two BTRs up at that time didn't bother me, as they seemed more done by newer traders jumping the gun--besides, we had agreed to send out at the same time, so it lessened any attempt at a scam.

Anyway, I sent out the same day the trade was finalized, and he recieved the item on the 20th of the same month (I used media mail--delivery confirmation number 03050830000191681717). He told me over AIM a few days before that he would send via Paypal, but might take a week or so, as he had to wait to be paid at the end of the month and transfer it to his account. I told him that was fine, and waited. Eventually, on November 1st he sent, and I marked as recieved on the 2nd.

Normally, the trade would've been over right then--except early next week, just when I went to use my new Paypal funds, I found an e-mail from Paypal explaining they had frozen the $45 Marvin sent me because of an investigation into his account and transactions, due to "suspicious behavior." I complied with their questions they later sent me, giving him the detail of the trade, and as far as I know they're still investigating.

However, I sent an e-mail explaining this to Marvin, and asking for either a resend of the $45 or a money order of it--the freezing on the funds for investigations into his account (he spoke to me several times on AIM of "problems" with Amazon sellers, though never went into detail) meant that my side of the trade became unfilled. He told me on AIM and e-mail that he would send out a money order in the next few weeks, and apologized for the problems.

Again, everything seemed as if it would be fine...except I've yet to get that money order, and every time since November 14th or so that I e-mail him, or IM him, he tells me he just can't send out yet for some reason or the other, or he'll be able to "hopefully" do it within a week or two, once he has time to go to the post office, and so on. Well, as of the first week of December, 2005, I e-mailed the Game TZ dispute staff, hoping they might resolve the trade by communicating with him, or giving advice, and they told me they did send him a message about it. They also reopened the trade, so that I could file this report--which, after giving Marvin an extra month and a half to send me the $45 payment (they reopened it on December 8th), complete with reminders every week or so by direct IM and one by PM, I have yet to see. He has also yet to respond to my last e-mail, sent a week or two back.

All I want is to be get my side of the trade, and this will come down.

EDIT, from 1/26/06: Marvin's page says he logged in on the 21st and 22nd, after I had posted this, and has since not logged on again--no contact yet.

EDIT 2, from 2/2/06: Marvin has logged in again on the late 25th, the 26th, and a few times since then, but still no response via e-mail, PM, or this BTR section.

EDIT 3, from 2/14/06: Marvin has continued to log in up until the 9th, but no contact yet.

EDIT 4, from 2/27/06: Marvin has logged in regularly over the last few weeks, but no contact. (I have, however managed to catch someone who claimed to be his wife on AIM: she said he wasn't there and I'd have to talk to him, but I suspect it might've been Marvin just wanting to blow me off--they had similar typing/speech methods.) This is about the fourth month since the trade began. Also, Marvin has yet to respond to two other BTRs.

EDIT 5, from 3/15/06: same as above--logged in still, but no contact, no money.

EDIT 6, from 4/20/06: NOTHING from Marvin yet.

EDIT 7, from 6/13/06: Marvin's account has been deactivated over the last month, and before that he didn't log in since March 25th, 2006. He never replied to my e-mails or IMs (he logs off everytime I try or just doesn't reply). Besides that, he's still has two previous BTRs up since September and December of last year, and one filed after mine in March 2006: Marvin owes these people money, too.

EDIT 8, from 7/12/06: Still no contact, no payment, and he has not paid the others, either.

EDIT 9, from 8/25/06: Same as above.

EDIT 10, from 7/8/08: Yeah, two years and nothing. I doubt Marvin will come back, but just in case I'm keeping this updated. Sent him another PM through the pending trade system, just in case.

EDIT 11, from 1/20/10: Nothing, and passed the 4 year anniversary of the trade months back.

XboxMarvin BTRs16-Dec-2005
Status: active
Reporter: Justin

About two months ago I listed a few things on ebay for Marvin. I knew it wasn't a very smart thing to do, but I was hurting for money and he offered me 5%. Well the auctions led to many problems when Marvin's paypal account was put on hold, causing the winners to obviously become upset since Marvin wouldn't send their items or giving them a refund since he couldn't.

But anyway, that's not the reason for this BTR. The reason for this BTR is because Marvin is yet to pay me the money he owe's me for listing the items. This includes the ebay fees and the 5% he promised me. So I had to pay the ebay fees from my own pocket.

The total was somewhere around $65 for everything, but since he was having all the paypal problems, I told him I'd take $55 to try and help him out. He has made excuse, after excuse including: no way of getting to the post office even though he was still making trades on here. And now he says he won't have the money into after Christmas. I'm just really pissed here, that I have to continue to deal with this whole ebay situation, trying to figure out what to do with all the winners who haven't recieved their DS or a refund. The very least Marvin could do is pay me what he owes me. As soon as I get the $55, I'll remove this.


Update (5/4/06)
Marvin still hasn't payed me the money he owes me, and he is now ignoring my emails.


XboxMarvin BTRs3-Dec-2005
Status: active
Reporter: rpgfan

Marvin made a topic requesting to borrow $22 paypal on September 3rd. I agreed and sent him the money. 3 months later and he's now ignoring my emails. I will take this down when I get my money back.