Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Carl

Carl Happy Birthday to Me BTRs30-Mar-2006
Status: active
Aliases: Carl Crystal
Address: Box 233 Plains, MT 59859
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed by a GameTZ moderator to warn all the pending trades of "plains_mt". plains_mt is a new account created by Carl Crystal, who has multiple BTRs on his old account (Carl).

It looks like we caught this in time and no one has sent. So, these new pendings with plains_mt can simple be canceled.

Whatever you do, don't send first to plains_mt ...

Carl Happy Birthday to Me BTRs21-Aug-2005
Status: active
Address: Box 233,Plains, MT 59859
Reporter: crashlanded

I sent him my alien soldier for genesis. Tracking number: 03043490000197118857
He was suppose to send The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo).I have yet to get the game or any contat from carl. He is banned so am not I sure what good this btr will do.What hell,I'll file it anyway. Eriel Bearman" <>
Emailed me,and wanted me too add,she was riped of for 42.
If anyone knows his home address or phone number,could they email me.
what she said.
hi, carl has also frauded me.

he owes me $42.

can you please mention my situation when you report him please.

Carl Happy Birthday to Me BTRs9-Jul-2005
Status: active
Address: Box 233 Plains, MT 59859
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR on behalf of gchiri.

gchiri got banned from GameTZ due to a series of bad behaviors (threatening other traders, creating and using multiple accounts, etc.) Carl was the person who got threatened. At the time gchiri was banned, Carl and gchiri had 2 pending trades. The trades involved a lot of games (bundles). gchiri had already sent his side with both pending trades, Carl had not.

Suspiciously, Carl canceled both of these pending trades. Weeks later gchiri complained to the moderators of GameTZ that Carl never sent what he owed him. We looked into it and found that Carl had canceled the trades. We asked Carl about it and he said he had sent his side of the trades. He said he'd used delivery confirmation as well. When we asked for the DC#, he said he threw it away when he verified the the packages were delivered. When we suggested that he check his web browser's history to retrieve the number, he said that he had just replaced his hard-drive. We find Carl's story hard to believe.. We don't believe Carl has sent what he owes to gchiri.

For the last few weeks, we pressed them both to resolve this. Eventually, Carl agreed to send what he owed to gchiri. However, before gchiri was able to take possession of the package that Carl sent, Carl recalled the package. Carl says this was done because of an insult gchiri made.

We feel enough is enough. This had gone on too long and Carl's behavior is unacceptable. So, we're not placing this BTR on Carl's account. Carl has had many BTRs in the past as well.

Carl - stop screwing around. Send gchiri what you owe him.