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LongJohn BTRs9-Mar-2007
Status: active
Reporter: madsnowman

I sent John my half of the trade, Halo, back in November of 2006. He received it on December 2nd. After 2 months of excuses he finally sent out his half of the bargain. The game he sent was damaged beyond repair, with numerous surface scratches. He had listed the game in "excellent" condition. After informing him of the damage, he admitted that it was previously damaged but seemed to work in his XBox 360 (though obviously not in the regular Xbox). Despite all these frustrations, I offered to end the trade amicably if he simply paid me $10 for the game I sent him. He agreed to send out a check. That was over a month ago. I have not received compensation for the trade, and he hasn't logged on for a I'm assuming he has no intention to end this trade fairly. I sent him a reminder message over a week ago but haven't heard back from him. I would advise everyone to avoid this trader. He is dishonest and slow. You will only find frustration dealing with him.