Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Izumo

Izumo BTRs20-Nov-2010
Status: active
Address: Darryl Patterson, 115 Lacey Oak Lane, Loganville GA 30052
Reporter: Zim

I lent him $200 with a repayment + interest to be paid back after ~2 months. It was due on October 10th and it is now November 20th. I havent had any contact from him since early september. This goes away when he pays back what he owes.

Izumo BTRs7-Nov-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Darryl Patterson
Emails: &
Address: 6520 Old Mill Lane Monroe, GA. 30655
Reporter: l3ornl3aked

Haven't heard anything since Sept. 2nd tried contacting multiple times with no response. Will take down this BTR when I receive the full payment of what he owes me.