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Bad Trader Reports on xxMacVxx

xxMacVxx Canada BTRs29-Jan-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Mac T, Michael Theroux
Address: 11925 - 103st apt# 201, Edmonton Alberta T5G-2J4, Canada
Reporter: Foxhack

I received an offer for a couple of games on November 30, 2007. He offered money and a game for Rhapsody and Saiyuki (both PS1); Rhapsody had already been traded away at another forum, so I counteroffered with my copy of Rhapsody in exchange for his copy of Paper Mario (GameCube).

I accepted the trade on December 4, and shipped the item on December 7. I emailed Michael after three days to see check on the status of the package, but nothing had arrived. I received the final communication from Michael on December 12. I sent a few more emails but got no response, even though his account said that his last login was on December 28.

After another trader here contact me regarding this person, saying that he had issues with him because the game he sent was returned to him, I waited a bit longer to see if the package I sent would be returned to me. I never got anything, so I dug up the Customs number for this item, and according to Canada Post, this was delivered (or at the least, processed by their Alberta facility) on December 16.

I believe that Michael Theroux kept my game and did not send the game I was supposed to get. He hasn't logged into the site in a month, so I believe my game is lost...

This BTR will be taken down after I get the game I was supposed to get, or if he sends me back my copy of Rhapsody.

xxMacVxx Canada BTRs5-Jan-2008
Status: active
Address: Address on file isn't his real address
Reporter: MrVic87

xxMacVxx wanted Marvel vs. Capcom 2, a rare game on my list. He proposed a trade on December 2, 2007, to have the game for $75.00 and that I send first. He asked if I could lower the price since the game didn't have a manual. I thought that was fair and decided to lower price to $65.00. I also mentioned that shipping first class international would cost about $41.00 to Canada. This was researched through the United States Postal Service site.

I countered his offer with the new price of $65.00 (via paypal) plus $25.00 of the $41.00 cost of shipping, and that we both send immediately since he had nearly the same amount of trades as I did. He agreed to the trade. xxMacVxx sent a message the following day asking if I sent the game. I responded immediately that I would send the game after work and that I will email the invoice to him. While at the post office, I learned that I needed his phone number in order to ship the game first class (1-3 days) to Canada. Since I couldn't reach him right away, I decided to ship the game using the next shipping option of 5 business days. The cost of shipping was $22.00. So I informed xxMacVxx that I shipped the game and the cost was $22.00 and not $41.00. So instead of paying an extra $25.00 for shipping, I was courteous to have him pay only $11.00 of the actual cost. I sent a revised invoice to his email asking for $76 total dollars for the game and provided a tracking number for the package.

This was all done on December 4, 2007. About 10 days went by and I haven't heard from xxMacVxx and he has not paid the invoice. I sent a message to him asking why haven't I heard from him when he was consistent in contacting me before. He responds days later saying that he didn't realize that the trade agreement included that we both send immediately and that he was looking for employment. He said he would pay the invoice first thing in the morning. He never paid the invoice. I was able to track the package and an attempt was made to deliver the package to the address he provided. He never claimed the package, as the game came back (December 31, 2007) with a handwritten note saying that the recipient "does not live here." I ended up wasting a lot of time and losing $22.00 that I will never get back. He should have read the stipulation of the trade more carefully before he agreed. And his reason for not being able to communicate with me, let alone pay the invoice he agreed to pay was not my concern. He also should have provided an address in which he would actually claim packages!

This was my first bad experience trading with another user since being on the site. I hope that no one else will go through this much trouble.