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Bad Trader Reports on OrochiSpike

OrochiSpike BTRs21-Dec-2006
Status: active
Aliases: TheGuyWhoPoppedCastorzCherry
Address: 76 Matthews Rd Delta PA 17314 USA
Reporter: Castorz

My sealed game was mailed on Halloweens eve (Oct. 30th) 2006. It was received by the other party 10 days later, he at least had the courtesy to update me on the status of the delivery. At that point though, Mr. Jones III disappeared for two weeks, I tried e-mailing him and he showed up on the site a few days later, claiming he had sent while providing the following excuse for his lateness;

"I sent on 23-Nov-2006.
Wasn't money problems. Just problems with my contact with my dad. He's the one with the paypal account. And we go back and forth with love and hate but hopefully he just sent awhile ago. He was also the one who had my money."

To this day I still havent received the paypal payment for 25$USD promised by Mr. Jones, I have asked him already if he could simply mail a money order or check and these inquiries have been left unanswered. No contact attempt has been made since I threatened to report him on Dec. 8th, I think it is now time to go forward with the BTR.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (25-Dec-2006)
As far as I known when I checked I saw my dad doing the pay pal thing. And I didn't receive anything from you since like Nov 23. So I'm wondering if your playing me or what. I'll have to check to see if pay pal has a history log of transactions.