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Bad Trader Reports on johng7380

johng7380 BTRs15-Aug-2006
Status: active
Address: 1110 CODY APT F HAYS KS 67601
Reporter: blueelf

I purchased a Action Replay Max from trader awhile back and since I did not have time to check it and have never had a bad trade yet I marked the trade as ok. A week or so went by and I finally got to test out the Action Replay Max and it would not read any of my DS games, it would read my GBA games but when it was used it could not read my save file. I told the trader of this and he told me a few different ways to try it and none worked. I then contacted a moderator and he told me to alert paypal and to submit a bad trader post and I descided to wait on this to see what the trader would do. After a few weeks he told me he would do a refund on Friday 8/11/06 and it is now Tuesday 8/15/06 and I have not heard any word on it.