Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by stagman35

Zaspera BTRs19-Jun-2013
Status: active
Address: Rhode Island
Reporter: stagman35

Pended a trade with Zaspera on June 11th for some Wii games and accessories. After pending, I was notified by Bill of suspicious behavior by Zaspera. I asked Zaspera about it and he was angry about receiving Bill's BTR since he hadn't actually done anything at that point. Seeing that he hadn't actually ripped anyone off yet and he had just completed a high value trade, I went ahead with the trade. After sending, Zaspera informed me he would be sending out Monday. On Tuesday, I asked for an update and did not receive an answer. I've sent two more messages and an email and still haven't gotten a response from Zaspera despite seeing that he has logged in within five minutes of each of my messages being sent. Usually I would be more patient, but with the BTR from Bill already there and the fact that I know he is getting my messages and still not replying, I feel my situation confirms Bill's suspicions and warrants a BTR of it's own.