Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by creativeone

Zaspera BTRs1-Aug-2013
Status: active
Aliases: Kyle Ellis, P. Johnson
Address: 303 Cooper Hill Rd Mapleville, RI 02839
Reporter: creativeone

Pending Trade was created in early May 2013 for a PP Loan. I told "kyle" that I didn't care how he repaid the loan back (payment wise whether weekly, bi weekly, or paid in full with interest on 7/31) as long was it was in full BY 8/1/13. It isn't. To his small credit though, I have received a mere $26 from him 1 week after this trade was opened.

Zaspera had double gold stars from our good trader rating system, you know, that thing that we use around here as a symbol of TRUST. Before the trade, I didn't realize that Zaspera had spent a mere 6 months working up to 100+ trades. It's been done before, granted, but again, the thought didn't cross my mind. Lesson learned here- make sure your traders that have higher stars have been here for a reasonable amount of time before trading.

I have been here for 6 YEARS, I've dealt with a couple of twits in my time here, but NOTHING to this extent. This is my first BTR I've had to file, and I was proud up to this day that I didn't know how, and didn't think I ever had to, that's how awesome GTZers have been to me. But no. I had to learn (and file) a BTR today.....for the first 6 sad.

Zaspera, I've already accepted the fact that i'm out the money I loaned you. Sadder yet, you don't have the balls or courage to identify your real self to people so we can come after you in a court of law, like I know you've had trouble with the law in the past. I didn't hold it against you- despite the fact that I was bombed with inbox messages from fellow traders to bad trader back in mid july. I gave you a chance, I gave you another chance, and literally after that, ANOTHER chance. My Correspondence to you has SHOWN that. I didn't want to believe what everyone else was telling me.....but now I am forced to. You are full of lies, you are deceitful, you are pathetic.

Despite the fact that I tried looking for a mugshot, or any kind of arrest record for you and couldn't get my hands on one, and it says that your address has no relative information or anything of the sort, also raises some concerns to me as well. If people get arrested, their arrest records are made public at little to no charge, depending on the state that you are in. I was willing to pay to see what the hell actually happened, and that would then create my flexibility in this matter, but I've got nothing.

If I EVER get a hold of your real information, please know I am taking you to claims court over this, and I WILL force you to give me my money back, plus interest, PLUS damages...... $300 will soon erupt into $1K PLUS if you don't pay this back. I thought I was helping out a fellow trader from a site that I consider (kinda sorta) a family. You took advantage of it, and you slapped me across the face with it. For that, I am ashamed of you.

I believe I am the last of the pending traders at this point with you to file a BTR against you.

Fulfill your end of the deal, get a nasty rating from me, and be done with it.
I will NEVER trade with you again.
I will NEVER take this BTR down, even if you do pay me, because I want you to carry and weigh this shame and burden every time you log into this site, and realize that you have SCREWED OVER SOME GOOD PEOPLE HERE ON THE SITE.

Also, Bill or whomever else, closing my pending with him and remove it from my records will also be much appreciated.

(If anyone else is reading this and can get me REAL contact information for "Kyle", It would be much appreciated. I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE).

if anyone reads this or has questions, you are encouraged to inbox me. Thank you.


"Creative One"