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Bad Traders Reported by xaosslug

AmericanPsycho BTRs24-Aug-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Sam Wanamaker, Sublime216x
Address: Sam Wanamaker 4296 Harlem Road Snyder, NY 14226
Reporter: xaosslug

i REALLY want to believe that there's good in everybody, but I think almost 5 months is enough time to give someone the benefit of the doubt, eh?

on 29-Aug-2009 at 9:37pm xaosslug and now with the name calling... *wags head*

at the top of the BTR are two headers: Bad Trader and Date/Description/Reporter Now, look under Bad Trader and you'll see ALL of your information posted up. And as I said earlier: I assumed it was required for me to file the BTR.

on 29-Aug-2009 at 9:19pm AmericanPsycho yes ive looked at it multiple times, and it does not list our addresses, your looking in our trade messages idiot, i doubt that somehow that your browser just happens to display information that mine doesnt. and gametz probably takes our addresses out so that other people wont see them. so once again you are wrong, i sent the game end of discussion. and dont bother writing anything back because im am done lookin at your lies. so feel free to write what you want but i wont see it.

on 29-Aug-2009 at 9:00pm xaosslug i just signed out and looked at the BTR... your ENTIRE address is listed, as was required when I filed the bad trader rating. Have you even LOOKED at the BTR? LOL Your address, your email, your name - it's all there. Quit trying to front.

on 29-Aug-2009 at 8:48pm AmericanPsycho first of all in the BTR it only lists my City, this person who is threatening me somehow how has my exact town that i am in that is NOT listed in the BTR. see thats how you gave yourself away idiot. And to write a message saying that because i have BTR, threatening comes with that territory is laughably ridiculous. so nice try. i know you have something to do with it so until you can admit that part im done responding on here, and ive reported both you and him on here.

on 29-Aug-2009 at 1:04am xaosslug actually, your address is in the BTR notice, so that's that...

i'd just like to add that even if you did send the game and it got lost in the mail it is still your responsibility to make good on the trade. Are you trying to tell me that if the game+$$ I sent you had gotten lost in-transit you'd be all 'oh well, I guess I'll just call the post office and argue my case, you take care xaosslug...'? I highly doubt that, because that's not a NORMAL reaction under such circumstances.

on 28-Aug-2009 at 11:56pm AmericanPsycho well since the guy threatening me knows where i live and your the only other person on this site who knows where i live since when you look at my name it only says the state im from, sorry if i dont believe you. so having other people threaten me is not going to work.

on 27-Aug-2009 at 1:26pm xaosslug nope, never got the game. I don't know exactly what you want from me, because it's been 5 months and I'm not an idiot. How old are you? I'm assuming very young? Anyway, the game never came so I went ahead and traded for it on Goozex (I could provide proof if need be), and then I recently traded that copy for R2. I then bought another copy on CAG to replace it, which I ended up trading on here again! LOL Seriously, I LOVE Fallout 3 - I plan on buying the GotY edition when it comes out later this year. So don't even try it. I have impeccable feedback on EVERYWHERE (CAG, eBay, GAF, HERE!) I trade, which I could back up whenever. I dunno how you can keep up the pretence of the wronged trader through it all, bravo, I guess?

i just read your response to the BTR, and I'm sorry if people are harassing you - I have nothing to do with it (um... it's been 5 months, and beyond messaging you repeatedly have I done anything that even resembles harassment? Nope) so just stop, please.

on 27-Aug-2009 at 11:43am AmericanPsycho listen im not stupid i know what happened, you got the game, and you didnt like it, so now your trying to get your stuff back, ive been through it before but thats not how this works, you dont just return a game because you dont like it, if you would have said the game doesnt work that would have been a different story. but im done trying to deal with a five year old who doesnt understand how to play fallout so they want there money back.

on 19-Aug-2009 at 5:03am xaosslug: you know, if you're not gonna send me Fallout 3 why don't you just send me back my copy of Assassin's Creed + $15?, because this whole playing innocent deal, while doing crap-all to validate your position (like, say mark your end as received...) only works against you. I'm generally a trusting soul - I gave you the benefit of the doubt, yet you screwed me over and taught me a harsh lesson. Thanks you.

on 23-Jul-2009 at 12:54am xaosslug: haha - look, dude. I appreciate you trying to 'be nice' and all, but it's been nearly THREE MONTHS since our trade was created, I've tried on numerous occasions to contact you, and you haven't gotten back to me at all except for NOW - all of the sudden - out of the blue... and don't think I haven't noticed that a few of the times I messaged you you HAD signed into your account, so clearly you've gotten my messages. Like I said, I'm not digging the 'it's out of my handz, doood!' attitude you're giving me.

the onus is on YOU to find out what happened to the package YOU sent. Why don't you go back to the post office with the receipt and ask them to track the package for you - find out what happened to it.

oh, and regardless of whether or not we agreed on insurance or tracking (which you NEVER even offered, might I add - and again, I never requested it of you because I assumed you were trustworthy!) if you really are the BCM89 on eBay with 100% fb, considering all the deals you've done you should KNOW to do it for your own peace of mind...

the fact remains I didn't get Fallout 3, while you did get Assassin's Creed + $15 and have yet to confirm that you've received your items! Why is that? Your refusal to confirm leads me to believe there's something fishy at play...

on 22-Jul-2009 at 10:03pm AmericanPsycho: well you cant really complain to me about a tracking number since it was never outlined in the deal, just like insurance was not, IT ISNT MY FAULT if it got lost. call the post office and try to track it down if you really didnt get it, ive tried to be nice but now it seems you're getting rude about it.

on 22-Jul-2009 at 9:54pm xaosslug: yeah, it's been WELL over two months, so I'm crap-out of any benefit of the doubt, dood. Because I'm wondering WHY you have yet to officially confirm that you received the items I sent you when you've already said that you received them, and I'm also wondering why you didn't feel the need to spring for tracking when I did. Look, I trusted you, feel VERY screwed over, and this 'it's out of my hands, dude' attitude you're putting out is all kinds of NOT cool. Really. I feel like such a moron for trusting you. I guess this experience out to learn me... so not cool :(

on 22-Jul-2009 at 9:26pm AmericanPsycho: i dont know what else to say man, if you honestly didnt get it then there is the possibility that it got lost in the mail. i have no incentive to keep it as i hated the game, but unfortunately since you didnt ask for insurance with it, i dont know what else to do

on 11-Jul-2009 at 1:17pm xaosslug: i'm still waiting on ,my copy of Fallout 3, dude! WTF?

on 25-May-2009 at 2:17pm xaosslug: hello?! It's been over a month! WTF?

on 9-May-2009 at 5:33am xaosslug: OK "please dont be one of those people who claims they didnt get it" what? And that serves me... how, exactly? I'm out a game and $15 bucks. And when you receive your item, yeah, it's OK for you to feedback - this isn't a bewb for tat sort of thing. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and still willing to continue to do so, for another week. And then I don't know what I'm gonna do. For now, I'm cautiously optimistic... I'm inherently a trusting individual.

on 7-May-2009 at 11:13am AmericanPsycho: I have no problem doing that, just since this is my first trade i wasnt sure i was supposed to, but please dont be one of those people who claims they didnt get it. i definately sent it and if you truly didnt get it, then hopefully it will come soon.

on 7-May-2009 at 2:23am xaosslug: Fallout still hasn't arrived, and since you've already received Assassin's Creed and the $15 why haven't you marked your end as received? You know, I'm still wanting (VERY badly) to believe I wasn't scammed here... :'(

on 30-Apr-2009 at 10:51am AmericanPsycho: yup thanks, and i sent out fallout, please leave me good feedback when you get it. thanks

on 29-Apr-2009 at 8:23pm xaosslug: hey, did you get the game and payment yet?

on 22-Apr-2009 at 9:44pm AmericanPsycho: never mind i see that you say it was sent

on 22-Apr-2009 at 9:41pm AmericanPsycho: just curious if you have sent out yet

on 20-Apr-2009 at 9:57pm xaosslug: I sent on 20-Apr-2009.
Tracking number: 03082690000209713633 Your item was delivered at 10:37 am on April 23, 2009 in BUFFALO, NY 14226. Additional information for this item is stored in files offline.
now, I'm REALLY trusting you here, dude! :)

on 18-Apr-2009 at 10:55am xaosslug: xaosslug's address:

on 18-Apr-2009 at 10:55am AmericanPsycho: xSublime216x's address:

on 18-Apr-2009 at 10:55am AmericanPsycho: Pending trade created.
Offer Accepted
Yes i do have an ebay account with 100% feedback it is BCM89. Thank you for sending first dont worry i wont let you down, and monday is fine to send. Thanks and i will send the day i receive.

on 18-Apr-2009 at 2:48am xaosslug: Offer Accepted
sure. I should be able to get to the post on Monday, if that's OK. I was wondering if you had any feedback (eBay, CAG, whatever) available? If not I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and trust you.

on 17-Apr-2009 at 7:15pm AmericanPsycho: Offer Created

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (18-Sep-2009)
The guy got the game doesnt like it and now wants his money back for it, unfortunately that does not work like that. If you dont like the game that isnt my fault, if it didnt work that would be a different story. I sent my game and this thing should be immediately removed. Not only is he filing these false complaints to get his money back, he has people threatening me on here which has already been reported to the moderators, so guess what that doesnt help your complaint. so take it off because you know you have the game.

And after that i listened to the gametz moderators and offered a middle ground but he refused it and wants some higher amount that doesnt make sense, i did what i could on my part, and he is unwilling to bend so i would like this finally removed, i have had other trades on here go through flawlessly since this crap, im not trying to scam anyone.