Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by thecegaboy

spaceman BTRs30-Dec-2007
Status: active
Address: 106 2nd St. Singer, LA 70660
Reporter: thecegaboy

Since I'm honest and new to this site and has a lower feedback, I sent mine the next day. But i forgot to put a delivery confirmation on it, and spaceman said that he will email or message me if he received it, but he didn't, so i asked him if he received it and said to me that he did. Then he said, he will sent the games the next day (Thursday) or no later than Friday and I said ok. Then he said, he sent it and should arrive 3 or 4 days... and I waited 3-4 days for it.... and no package was delivered to me.... and 9 days have passed since he said he sent it and it was nothing... I tried to contact him but he has not logged in 6 days... so today i decided to file a BTR about him....

Heres the History of our trade:

on 29-Dec-2007 at 10:16pm Chris30
hey if i dont get the package by next week.... im filing a BTR about u....

on 26-Dec-2007 at 5:21pm Chris30
hey.. i didn't received it yet... its been 4 days.... w/o xmas day.... u know wat happen??

on 21-Dec-2007 at 10:49am Chris30
cool ... thanks...

on 21-Dec-2007 at 10:12am spaceman
I have received.

on 21-Dec-2007 at 10:11am spaceman
I sent on 21-Dec-2007.
ok its on its way give it about 3 maby 4 days thanks

on 20-Dec-2007 at 6:22pm Chris30
did u send it??

on 19-Dec-2007 at 5:30pm Chris30
k got it...

on 19-Dec-2007 at 4:06pm spaceman
yea it came in today ill be shipping thurs no later then fri

on 19-Dec-2007 at 3:59pm Chris30
did u get it yet... its been 4 days....

on 15-Dec-2007 at 1:17pm Chris30
k... thanks...

on 15-Dec-2007 at 1:15pm spaceman
ok noprob about the conf# ill email you when it gets here

on 15-Dec-2007 at 1:14pm Chris30
if u like also... u can just send via priority mail w/o confirmation.. its ok with me either.... i dont care about that as long as i get the package.... sory again

on 15-Dec-2007 at 1:12pm Chris30
hey.. uhmm slight problem....... my mom send it but it has no confirmation.... but still the package is on the way to u..... sorry for inconvenience...

on 15-Dec-2007 at 12:55pm Chris30
I sent on 15-Dec-2007.
i Just send it..... just wait 2 days or 3....

on 14-Dec-2007 at 11:11pm spaceman
ok thats fine

on 14-Dec-2007 at 11:01pm Chris30
hey ill send it tom..

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:56pm spaceman
spaceman's address:

Gavin Varnes
106 2nd St
Singer LA 70660

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:56pm Chris30
Chris30's address:

Christian Asprer
13 Nunda Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:56pm spaceman
Offer Accepted

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:56pm Chris30
Pending trade created.

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:56pm Chris30
so its a deal??

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:55pm Chris30

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:54pm spaceman

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:54pm Chris30
WWF SmackDown! (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes; Non Greatest Hits ]

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:53pm spaceman
Offer Accepted
i have 2 wwf smackdowns the first one i can give you that one

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:48pm Chris30
can u add 1 ps1 game (wwf) if thats ok... if not, then its ok also..

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:45pm spaceman
Offer Accepted
ok we can do that

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:43pm Chris30
Unreal Tournament III (PlayStation 3) [Condition: unopened; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PlayStation 3) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
Ninja Gaiden Sigma -- Prima Strategy Guide (guide) [Condition: excellent; Box: N/A; Manual: N/A]

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:41pm Chris30
hey im gonna cancel the other trade (ninja - UT3) then make new one w/ this offer k??

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:40pm spaceman
Offer Accepted
ok ppl been telling me its a good game ill do that

on 14-Dec-2007 at 10:29pm Chris30
Offer Created