Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by TheGamingGuy

pkerrangebo BTRs31-Dec-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Nick Genovese
Address: California or 20 point of woods drive north brunswick, NJ 08902 United States?
Reporter: TheGamingGuy

This is someone trying to double-dip on PayPal, trying to get both the giftcard and the funds he sent me beforehand. He completed the trade like normal, sent first, and everything goes smooth till 2 hrs. later, after funds are used from giftcard, I find out he's opened a PayPal dispute, saying these were UnAuthorized charges. He's claimed from account stolen, to it was bank's fault and he was gonna drop the dispute immediately. He has it listed on his profile page he lives in California, yet shipping address is New Jersey? This is a guy that is trying to scam and get both things, and I am currently fighting this through PayPal, and will go further if necessary. If necessary I will be going through and calling his local authorities to handle this matter. He did this with another trusted GTZ user - gauu as well. I do not want him scamming anyone else. DO NOT trade with him. I will keep this updated.