Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by NLS

DSALAD BTRs20-Aug-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Derrek Artz
Address: 2425 county rd 256, Vickery, Ohio 43464
Reporter: NLS




- Julian

The deal was for:

PS2 - Def Jam Vendetta
PS2 - Pride Fight FC

For His:
PS2 - Def Jam: Fight For NY
PS2 - Trigger Man
PS2 - Need For Speed: Carbon

I told him Def jam Vendetta was kinda beat up, and that I'd test it before I sent it. He said ok. i tested it, it worked. He reciebed the games, and it didnt work. I told him I was sorry it didnt work and that he could sent it back and keep Fight for NY.

i told him just send vendetta back, and send Trigger Man, and need For Speed. He said he was gonna keep it, and not send anything back.

Heres what he was say out loud in chat:

<DSALAD> i got fake name and address
<DSALAD> hey this is the last time you will ever see me again people better hate on me now
<DSALAD> what goos is a btr going to do

he aslo said he'd keep my games for trade bait. he openly admitted in chat that he scammed me. I have witnesses. Ask Kiva or sailorneorune

he can do the right thing and send my games back, or he can keep em. I have his address, and ill call his local police and file a mail fraud report on him.

Derrick, its your choice man. Those games are worth next to nothing. But its the principle of the matter...Be a man, quit actin like a little boy over pettily stuff.

Send my stuff back, and I'll take this down, and you can continue to trade here, otherwise people arent gonna trade with a thief

FEARfactory9_9 BTRs6-Oct-2007
Status: active
Aliases: ass wipe
Address: 1511 Cole Mill Rd. Durham, NC 27709
Reporter: NLS

I should've know from the start, He only had 4 F'n trades, and the deal was...

1) Final Fantasy Chronicles (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes; GH]
2) Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes; GH]
3) InterAct GameShark (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: no; Manual: no]
4) Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
5) RPG Maker (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
6) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PlayStation) [Condition: good; Box: no; Manual: no]
7) Tekken 2 (PlayStation) [Condition: good; Box: no; Manual: no]
8) Tekken 3 (PlayStation) [Condition: good; Box: no; Manual: no]
9) Tetris: Plus (PlayStation) [Condition: good; Box: no; Manual: no]
10) Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (PlayStation) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
11) Resident Evil 2 Complete!, Resident Evil 3 Complete!, and Final Fantasy Tactics Complete!


1) $25.00 SHIPPED ( Fed-EX or Priority Mail )

he said he just wanted to get rid of the games... SO i send a money order on 21-Sep-2007.

He said he recieved on 24-Sep-2007 at 1:00pm, which was a saturday...

And he'd send his end of the deal the following monday....

I waited for monday, then messaged him to see if he answer.

I send him a message everyday since, and he hasent even logged into GTZ since the 24th of september, I told him I'd give him until friday which was yesterday Oct. 5 reply or Id slap this BTR on him...

I Still got no answer fro him, so here we are...It seems i got screwed...

Well, if you ever read this James, I did in fact call the cops in your area, I filed a police report, I do have your address, i know where you are, so do the police, and you should know, This IS mail fraud, and it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, very serious stuff here man, just as if you opened sombody elses mail, so send me my money back or send me my my games, If you do this ill take this ugly BTR down, Until then your just a petty thief, And nobody's gnna want to deal with you

raider_181 BTRs24-Jan-2007
Status: active
Aliases: Raider_181 / Trojan_181
Address: 3554 Lan Franco St. Los Angeles, CA 90063
Reporter: NLS

raider_181 gets: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PlayStation 2) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
GarciaDaCF457 gets:
1) Tales of the Abyss (PlayStation 2) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
2) What Condition? And It's Complete???


That was the trade, I sent fist natrually, since im newer, with less trades (at the time), this was the confirmation number: 036 1070 0003 2349 3111 , And he confirmed he recieved the game, But not before he tried to DELETE our trade and abandon his account to open up a new account (Trojan_181) to get rid of his dirt on the Raider_181 account, This is what he said:

Trade Deleted.
i'm deleting this account but the trade is still on in another account trojans_181 i have received your shipment and i mailed my part on saturday so you should receive this week.............

he SAID he sent on saturday Jan. 10th , This is what he said:
i'll send my side on saturday no matter if i don't receive yet if t1hat sounds okay.
it's a pretty good games with things you wouldn't expect you'll love it.............

Since then his account has been closed due to abuse, and wont answer any of my emails.....

I want my game back, or Tales Of The Abyss, Which aint gonna happen.......

I guess im out a game.....

NOTE TO SAUL: your lucky i dont know you or live close to you, cause i would kick your ass!

big_will_5 BTRs17-Jul-2003
Status: active
Address: i do not remember, but i have evidence that he and I have traded
Reporter: NLS

okay heres the story...I made a deal with him to trade his snes zelda for my N64 star wars shadows of the empire and i agreed to send first and so i sent him the game and it was my first trade i a while so i accidently clicked on complete on the trade when he got the game he completed it and now it says on my page that we completed the trade and he never gave me my game ,i waited for a month or so and my game never arrived I emailed him several times and never got a response, he was on a user trail u guys had and now his time is up and he doesnt use the site anymore, So I was like forget about it UNTIL... a few days later i signed up for a account on and i noticed a user by the name of Big_will_5 and i looked at his page and his account says his name is william bryan from clayton oklahoma just like on gametz and I emailed him telling him i want my game and he said I had the wrong guy and then filtered me so i couldnt send him anymore messages, so i looked at his list for trade and i saw MY star wars shadows of the empire game listed , i emailed the mods of tgn and they said to fill out the btr form on gametz and have them contact him so he can use the appropriate action, I'd like you guys to change the trade back to him completing his side and me never comleteing my side because that was an accident which i regret doing, so i need this brt so i can show the mods at TGN some evidence of info that this trade acually took place so they can take action...thank you