Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by shopaholic247

Wavyboiikiller Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs7-Sep-2012
Status: active
Aliases: kenneth flores
Address: Kenneth flores 2004 ellis ave apt # 4a Bronx, new york 10472
Reporter: shopaholic247

I have a trade with a buyer (I as the seller) have sent the item(s) already using fedex and it was delivered and signed for by the buyer and now the buyer is telling me that the buyers mom dose not even have the money until later next week but that is not acceptable. Buyer says he got drunk and forgot to ask mom for the money. NOT A EXCUSE I will accept. This was for a nintendo 3ds with 2 games and mario kart wii. Buyer's profile says their are no problems and that the buyers feedback score was higher then mine so I had to ship first. What legal action could be taken against buyer if I am not paid part of the deal. Also how is someone under 18 allowed to use this type of services hmmm...


1) Payment as promised
2) Send all items back in the same condition as they were sent to you.