Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by classicgames

therealnd38 BTRs10-Feb-2014
Status: active
Aliases: Ron Billingsley
Emails: ??
Address: 10017 Manoa Ave, Brooklyn, Ohio 44144
Reporter: classicgames

1-27 I sent him a trade request for the item he wanted that consisted of FallOut: New Vegas (Sealed) (Which was one of the four games he wanted on my list) for Nintendo Land Wii U.
1-27 He promptly agreed to the trade and excepted the offer.
1-30 Messaged him to see when he was going to send game and let him know I was shipping tomorrow- No Response
1-30 Shipped game and provided tracking
1-31 Messaged him. When you sending the game- No Response
2-3 Game delivered to theralnd38
2-3 Messaged him- When you sending game- No Response

Just wondering when you are going to send Nintendo Land??? I have already shipped your game and it shows that it has already been delivered. Please let me know soon.
Please send game back or send Nintendo Land as agreed to in this trade. If I don't here from you by tomorrow I will report it as a bad trade.

He logged in Feb 9 and did not respond.

To remove BTR he needs to return Fallout New Vegas sealed and in the condition it was sent in or send Nintendo Land like he agreed on.