Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Phantasm

PS2Freak BTRs12-Nov-2001
Status: active
Aliases: PS2Freak, Phenozine, oOPhenozineOo
Address: Earl Alston 528 Marleen Houston, TX 77034
Reporter: Phantasm

thanx alot EARL...well, earl boy over here wanted my Gauntlet Dark Legacy and Knockout Kings 2001 both for PS2...he also wanted my Dual Shock Controller...We agreed to trade those 3 items for Gran Turismo 3 and Onimusha Warlords both for PS2. So Earl Boy Told me he would send the FOLLOWING DAY after I sent my package and contacted him with the Confirmation number cause he had 60+ Trades and I only have 25+ so I gotta wait an extra day, he wouldn't send the same time.....I mailed my Package the next day after we PENDED the trade which was 24-Sep-2001 and delivered the confirmation number as planned. So he delayed a week (doctor's appointment)...then 2 weeks....then never answered any of my emails from 2 weeks after i sent until right this minute you are reading this BTR and most likely the rest of life. Thanx for Ripping ME OFF and ALL THESE OTHER TRADERS!!!!

Jbad_Machine BTRs21-Apr-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Jbad, Evil_Jbad, Jbadness, Jbad2001, Jbad2006, Jbad_Machine, TheMagnificentJbad, Etc
Address: James Keller 2723 East 2nd Place Lubbock, Texas 79403
Reporter: Phantasm

I sent this kid James Keller 2 Sega Dreamcast Games (Chu Chu Rocket & Sydney Olympics 2000) for 1 DVD Called "Beyond The Mat" it retails used at $10.00. I patiently waited 2 months talking with him everyday. His excuse for 2 Months is that he didnt have $1.49 to pay for the shipping to send me DVD. I offered to send him the money for shipping if he just would send me my DVD. Well, After 2 Months he told me he sent it through airmail and I thanked him. 2 Weeks later I havent seen him online or havent recieved the package yet. I signed on another name on AIM and found out that he had me BLOCKED! It has now been about 3 Months and NO DVD. People DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THIS KID HE IS A LIER and a THIEF! I emailed the owner of the site about his other account besides this one. I then went on to tell James Keller (on AIM) that I emailed the owner of GTZ about him and his accounts and plans to rip people off and what he did was emailed the owner back saying that I was threatening him on AIM with false statements.


And he also gave me a FALSE BTR FOR POSTING THIS ONE!!

James Keller
2723 East 2nd Place
Lubbock, Texas 79403