Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Vapor

JediMaster97 BTRs4-Feb-2008
Status: active
Address: 294 N. Penna Ave Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania 18702
Reporter: Vapor

Trade creation: 01/02/08

I sent: 01/09/08
Yes, being a veteran of the site and all I should know better than sending first to a new trader, but I had a good deal of packages to send off that day and I get pretty lazy when it comes to going to the post office, so I just lumped it together, rather than waiting a few days and going again.

He supposedly sent: 01/10/08

Today: 02/04/08
I have no received the game. It's a shame he wasted his privilege to this site on a $2 videogame.

pkmn_source BTRs22-Nov-2007
Status: active
Address: 2528 Wooly Rose Avenue / Las Vegas, NV 89106
Reporter: Vapor

I pended (a still open) trade back on September 6,
2007 with him. I was buying his Persona 3 Complete with guide for $50.
Persona 3 is an Atlus game and comes in an outer box with an artbook
and a soundtrack. I purchased this item as such. I wanted the complete
package as was advertised. I sent my payment the same night and waited.

12 days later he tells me that PayPal won't accept my address, so I
give him my street address. One day short of one month I finally
recieve the game and it's missing the soundtrack. I question him about
it. He says it must be in his car... no biggie, it could easily slip
his mind. So, he was selling some more stuff at decent prices, so I
tell him I'd buy his sealed Soul Nomad for $32 and he could send it with that. I
pay for that game on the same day (didn't pend a new trade, just made
a trade message about it).

18 days later I get Soul Nomad in sealed condition, but wait...
there's no soundtrack. I finally tell him that it's bull that I have
to wait 2 and a half months for a soundtrack for my game. He ends
up telling me he had sent in a PM in chat. So, I ask him about it
a few weeks down the line and he said he'll get it out of his car and send it...

I'm fed up, honestly. He's constantly lied to me about when he's
sending and if he's sent. He's done it on several occasions, too, with
other traders. Pyramid_Party, Priest_of_Gaming, and TrueBlue can
attest to his blatant lying.

It has almost been a full 4 months since the trade was pended. I've waited long enough, and I've been extremely patient.

This BTR will come down if I get the soundtrack as originally promised or I get a refund and he pays my shipping to get the item back in his possession.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (8-Dec-2007)
Just read the BTR, I will take action to this one. Thnx

Navy_Seal BTRs22-Oct-2006
Status: active
Address: 4301 maplewood #4 post falls, id. 83854
Reporter: Vapor

Originally was going to send a money order, but instead sent PayPal CC. There was some information that did not match with his account and his card, so he got it refunded after PayPal stopped me from putting it in my account. He, then said he'd send me a money order. I never got it, I'll take it down in an instant when it's done, because he was very courteous other than this matter.

ugtzff7 BTRs26-May-2002
Status: active
Aliases: ugtzff7
Address: 414 Rocky Ridge Rd. NE Jacksonville, AL 36265
Reporter: Vapor

1 month prior to the arrival of my package, which was ONE game, 'Rocky' said that he was going through family troubles, which to this day I feel reluctance to comply with. He agreed to sending Brave Fencer Musashi (COMPLETE!) after I sent him $13.50. I sent, and 3-4 days later he recieved it, he told me he sent that day. A week later he e-mail me, and 3 other trades he was ripping, the message "I'm sorry for the inconvience, but I have not sent due to family problems." He said later in a MSN message his mother had passed away. I was sympathetic. 3 more weeks of excuses and then finally he sends. I get the bad news from a fellow trader that his was disc only. And then the day came, A PACKAGE FROM ROCKY! It was disc only, and skipped so much it was pathetic. I post thist BTR for his repeated lying and false promises.

Ethiopian_Body_Odor BTRs3-May-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Ethiopian_Body_Odor
Address: 2005 Shaw Ave., Peru IN, 46970
Reporter: Vapor

On April 8th we both decided to send out our games to each it is may 3rd and i still have not recieved it...and he doesnt even reply to my emails...if i ever get MY game back or he sends his game...this will be removed...