Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by pikachuLOLZ

Wavyboiikiller Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs28-Sep-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Kenneth Flores
Address: 2004 ellis ave apt # 4a Bronx, new york 10472
Reporter: pikachuLOLZ

I sent my side of our arranged trade (Star Fox 64 3D) exactly as arranged. He notified me that he received the package but had not gotten to test it yet to make sure it was satisfactory. After that he has refused to contact me regarding our trade or send his side of the arrangement. He can resolve this by either sending his side of the trade (Red Dead Redemption for PS3), returning my side of the trade, or sending me the money to buy a new copy of Star Fox 64 3D (MSRP of $39.99).