Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by jatink129

Knight4Chryzt BTRs26-Jan-2014
Status: active
Aliases: Fred Thomas Mashburn, Fred Thomas Miles, Dylan Kehler, Trevor Davis, forgotten_damage Auzrial shadowolf, DarcStar ravun33 Rayne Grason
Address: 5440 Shotgun Trail Crestview Fl 32539 ; 135 Cumberlin Dr Apt 101 Toccoa Ga. 30577; Thomas Mashburn 7857 Macedonia Church Rd. Vale N.C. 28168
Reporter: jatink129

Traded for a $10 Walmart gift card on the 1st of January, 2014. I sent the money over via Paypal, and he sent me the GC number and PIN.
I never got around to using it, but figured I'd use it sooner or later.
Didn't know that he was a scammer and had previously been banned on numerous occasions under various aliases for scamming people here.

Anyway, after seeing that he had received a BTR and all his information, I decided to check up on that GC and sure enough it had been redeemed already on the 14th of Jan.
I was on vacation then, and I know for a fact that I didn't redeem it. Especially since it was redeemed online on and I don't use for a while now.

Through some miracle of God, turns out I paid the money as a "payment" on
Filed a case. Got my money back. So thank God for that.

So, I'm filing this BTR, just to let others know what happened.
Good riddance.

P.S- should be ashamed of yourself...Looks like you've been coming back again and again and again to scam people here.
For fudges sake! What the hell's wrong with you?
And good job with that username. Knight 4 Christ?! Yeah, right.