Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Deadsexy

SirWobbit Canada BTRs17-Jan-2003
Status: active
Aliases: SirWobbit
Address: 1413 Hwy 214 Nine Mile River,N.S. Canada, B2S 2R4
Reporter: Deadsexy

We agreed on a deal on November 27,2002. I agreed to send him my psone to be modded for my ff9 and $15 american. I sent and I recieved an email saying that he recieved and sent.. thats the last I heard until jan. 03 when my email was finally answered. But it was his girlfriend and she said that she sent.. I have yet to recieve it.I filed mail fraud shortly before this BTR. I will take this down when I recieve my modded psone or my psone, ff9, and my $15 american.

UPDATE: I can no longer reach Rob by email. My emails are returned.

UPDATE: I hav received a reply from an email that I sent 2 weeks ago that contained the follwoing:

if i didnt send it, why would i? you already filed a bad trader report on the account i dont use!!! and mail fraud. The local police!? my life was threated, they didnt do anything, they dont care.....

you'll get that damn psone