Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by turdybird

Mark BTRs16-Jan-2003
Status: active
Aliases: Mark
Address: Barnegat, NJ, USA
Reporter: turdybird

Update: *December 1, 2004*

I'm amazed to say the least!!! After almost 2 years, I got an email (Nov 24, 2004) from Mark saying he wants to make amends. He's offered me items to compensate for the items he's taken from me to clear up this fiasco. I've agreed to take down this BTR once it arrives. Will keep everyone updated via this BTR as this progresses.

It seems as though Mark has seen the error of his ways. Whether this is an honest attempt to make good or just talk remains to be seen. Hopefully we can finally settle this.

Well, this is the second BTR that I've had to put on Mark. It's concerning the same previous trade though. I've traded with Mark before so we were suppose to send at the same time. Mark confirmed that he received my dvd the middle of October 2002 and I still have yet to receive mine as of January 16, 2003.

Mark emailed me December 27, 2002 stating that he had sent the dvd (after 3 months of me waiting for it) and asked me to consider taking down the BTR I put up so that he could sell some things to have extra spending money to spend for New Years Eve.

It was supposedly sent via global priority which I know takes no longer than 2 weeks to Canada. I've been nice and given it 3 weeks before I put this back up. This brings the total time of our trade to almost 4 months which is ridiculous for a guy who has 62 trades under his belt and is a gold star trader.

This BTR will remain up permanantly until the dvd arrives, as I find it hard to believe that the Postal service would lose the dvd's that Mark has sent in the mail twice.

DbzFanatic BTRs23-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: DbzFanatic
Address: 122 Clay St. Pawtucket,R.I. 02860
Reporter: turdybird

Toby Duffany (DbzFanatic on gametz, AKA SuperFly98 on dvdtalk) is a self proclaimed and verified scammer. I put this up to help anyone else who may be dealing with this person. Here are links to dvdtalk threads specifically discussing this trader.

Sorry for not being able to put this up fast enough for people who have sent items to him already.

This BTR has been put up in an effort to keep this site clean of as many bad traders as possible...hope it helps.

Clarence (turdybird)