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Bad Traders Reported by The_U

Syfer00 BTRs19-Jun-2011
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Reporter: The_U

I agreed to purchase a gameshare of his account, all was well and the trade was completed. Then over half the games stopped working, his PS+ membership expired so all the free games were void, I wasn't aware of this. By this time the blackout happened and he vanished. He changed the passwords and hasn't been on since. He seems to be doing this on gameshares a lot.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-Jun-2011)
Well I come on here finally after getting my PC back up and running and I see this crap. WOW let me say thanks to this I ont be doing a damn thing to fullfill my end of anything. I have the money to pay back the loans. I never did take any POP gameshare other than the slot I bought. And yes I had to change my password to my PSN account but couldnt get on GAMETZ to send it out. So good job on fudging yourselves. Also I have never lived out of the State of Oregon Bill. And Yes I did have a gun mishap where a missfire went off after I had pulled the trigger and went to take it out of the bolt and it went off in to my foot. So dog whine and moan but know you dumb fudges doing this cost you not me. Eat a Dick and have a great day. No wonder so many people have left this crapty site. Actually nah I will be giving BoB a call and giving him the password to my PSN account the rest of you can just sit her and ramble off ore bullcrap while sucking eachother off thinking you are cool.