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Bad Traders Reported by ffguy

Superstar BTRs14-Feb-2005
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Address: 2112-A Beech St. Fayetteville, NC 28303
Reporter: ffguy

Well I really hate to do this and never thought that i would have to file a bad trader report but this trade was pended on Oct 23 of 2004. The deal was 007 Everything or Nothing(PS2) and Viewtiful Joe(PS2) for Mortal Kombat Deception Premium Pack(PS2). I was going to buy the game new but i got it in a trade first and couldnt wait to play. I asked charles if he could send after i sent to him with DC but he told me as a user with less trades i had to wait until he got the game. I was bummed but i knew he was right. Then he sends to me but says that the game is missing the bonus disc since his friend borrowed it(and moved) but im like thats ok i just want the game first and foremost. After i get the game i put it into my PS2 quickly to notice that i got the bonus disc and not the game he did send me an Ali dvd as a thanks for waiting on the bonus disc but now i didnt have the game. I told him about it and he told me he would try to get the game back. He kept in touch and i wasnt worried at all and in the end he told me that for waiting so long and being patient he was just going to get me a copy of the game and even send back Viewtiful Joe and 007 Everything or Nothing. He told me this on Sunday December 19th 2004 and said i "WILL" recieve a DC number on monday....I havent heard from him since, left 2 messages for him and even called his cell phone and left a message and he hasnt been on the site since December 15th. I hope nothing is wrong with him but im starting to worry that i might have been ripped off and maybe this will get your attention charlie.