Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by grass07

Dano BTRs23-Jan-2006
Status: active
Address: 809 Wessex Lane, Somerdale, NJ 08083
Reporter: grass07

Updated on 15 th Feb,2006

I strongly suggest NOT trading with Dano at the moment till he clears up all his BTR's on his page.

I am still waiting for a update on that postal receipt, he says he will check his junk drawer,that was the 25th Jan, 2006. It is now 15th Feb,2006 and I still havent gotten any update or reply.

If Dano cannot afford to even refund 25US via paypal BUT is looking for a notebook and 'supposedly' has hundreds to spend.......he may be looking to score his last hurrah on gametz, dont bother sending first at all or even same time.

Let his actions speak for themselves!!!

Created a trade with him,in November 2004, my paypal for his demo discs,he claims to have send out the weekend before Christmas 2005, I asked for a postal receipt, he claims that he has to find it,I specifically requested a scan of the postal receipt (once he had posted the item)BEFORE the trade was pended.He however has yet to show me the receipt.The BTR will stay up till I either get cash refunded back or demo discs in conditions as promised ie, sealed,below are the discs that were in the trade:
One Peice Grand Battle Demo SEALED $1.50 ,Sims 2 Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50EA 3 games (SSX, 007, NFS) Demo PS2 SEALED $1. Socom 3 Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Neopets Faeries Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Sly 3 Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Dragon Quest VIII Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Castlevania Curse of Darkness Sountrack Sampler $5Total Overdose Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50DDR Extreme 2 Music CD Sampler SEALED $3

Here is the actual transcripts:

Please link the links:
Offer created. Asked for a postal receipt.

He said he couldnt get tracking on this and a said he would keep the postal receipt.

I acknowlege the fact that he couldnt get tracking as long as he kept the USPS receipt.

To make matters worse, I read that he allegedly had a ebay transaction with someone in Malaysia and claims that he sent BUT the customs returned his package, due to the fact that he didnt write the customs label in Capital letters, IF this is Malaysian Customs, I know for a fact that this is a lie as I have enquired abt this, the customer service officer there laughed so hard,I was embarrassed wince
And till this day I dont have anything, demo's or a scan of the postal receipt.

Rockman Has Written 1 Review BTRs14-Feb-2005
Status: active
Address: 3005 Fairchild St,Poplar Groove,IL 61065,USA
Reporter: grass07

I have traded with Jason twice and both trades went smoothly sad to say the third trade didnt go as smooth as I'd hoped, the trade was pended 18th August,2004 , the trade was for my mint and complete copy of Final fantasy 7 NON GH for his Tales of Symphonia artbook, I sent out immediately and I still have the original postal receipt, he claims to have send , after a while after sending him emails he says that he will resend another copy , but to this day I dont get either copy and I each time I ask for a USPS Postal receipt, I dont get a reply. My last email from him is that he will send a 3rd book out and I have told him to KEEP that Postal receipt, but I still havent got the book nor a Postal receipt.This BTR stays up till I either get my game back in the condition it was sent or the artbook. I have even pended a trade for another copy of a TOS artbook..

Here is a scan of the Postal receipt, since this is proof of postage and I had this with signature confirmation , and it was delivered.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs30-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Address: Thunder Bay Ontario
Reporter: grass07

Pended on 12.09.2002
Hmmm the fact that he said that he sent my stuff a month ago from Canada, and I have yet to see it, and I have had very fast, smooth trades from other Canadain traders, this is the first one that has gone awry, and also due to the fact that I have heard many bad reports, negative things about this trader, from other traders on gametz and on strongly advice anyone who considers trading with him, to ask him to send first at any cost,if he gives you uh my mom wont let me excuse or I am in the hospital for a operation and I cant send out your game excuse, trust me when I tell you that you have been royally screwed.If anyone knows his current address, email me so I can report him to the Canadian authorities.

m1ndw4rp BTRs29-Apr-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Richard Roman his cousin who received the M/O
Address: Matt Andreas,19A,Renee Ct,Lawerenceville,NJ,08648
Reporter: grass07

This trade was pended aeons ago, and I have not received my Psx games yet, he has already received the M/O that was made out to his cousin Richard Roman,(which I have found out from a fellow gametz user that Richard Roman is indeed Matt Andreas as Matt is a bogus name)If anyone/fellow gametz trader knows of the Local Police in his area, call them up and file internet fraud,I will pay you for your troubles,help by just calling the cops to the address on the left.I still have all his emails and excuses he has claimed to have had problems with his emails,and the lack of cash to send my stuff, but I have paid him shipping too.This is just a caution to all those who have not got your stuff/items yet.The Btr comes down only after I get what was originally for sale and in the conditions that they were described to me, or my money back.I have ALL the emails that were sent to me.If you have problems with your emails, then use someone else's I can't believe that he managed to con someone else again , with the amount of BTR's he had, NOT TO BE TRUSTED AT ALL, STAY AWAY FROM.