Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by scdr

mdauphin BTRs21-Sep-2005
Status: active
Address: 61 Verstreet Drive, Rochester NY 14616
Reporter: scdr

We agreed to the following trade

scdr gets:
1) Connections (PC (Windows 9x/ME/00/XP)) [Condition: unopened; Box: yes; Manual: yes; New/Unused]
2) Syberia (PC (Windows 9x/ME/00/XP)) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes; Mint shape]

mdauphin gets:
1) Star Control (PC (DOS/Windows)) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual:
yes; 3.5" and 5.25" Floppies]
2) Full Throttle (PC (DOS/Windows)) [Condition: excellent; Box: no;
Manual: no]
3) Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (PC (DOS/Windows))
[Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: no; CD]
4) King's Quest: Mask of Eternity (PC (Windows 9x/ME/00/XP)) [Condition:
excellent; Box: no; Manual: no]

I was to send first (as I had fewer trades).

I sent the items listed above. She received the items I sent (as indicated by Delivery confirmation, and the fact that she sent me items - though she failed to indicate it in the trade system).
She sent the items listed above, but the Syberia she sent was not in the condition indicated ("excellent/mint").

Syberia was heavily contaminated with cigarette smoke and ash. The manual even had a scorched area on one of the pages. I tried to brush the ash off to clean the item and let it air for a few days, but to no avail. As several members of our household have Asthma this was not acceptable/usable condition, and clearly not the condition she represented it as.

I contacted her indicating the problem, and suggested a couple of alternative items that she could send me to replace the Syberia. (Anachronox or Vikings).

She thought that her son might have sent the wrong copy of Syberia, and said to
send back the damaged one, and she would either send a good copy of Syberia, or one of the other items I had suggested.

I sent the damaged Syberia to her - Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation
0302 0980 0000 9956 1781 on 7 Sept 2004.
The tracking information indicated that it arrived on 13th Sept. 2004.

I have not received the promised items. Nor have I received any further communication from Ms. Dauphinee in response to my inquiries.
I reported her activities to mail fraud - and they sent her a letter. But no results.
I delayed in posting this, as some others who had problems with her not sending items reported that they eventually did receive items from her.

To resolve this I would appreciate it if Ms. Dauphinee would send me
either: a copy of Syberia in reasonable condition, or Anachronox, or Vikings (adventure game), or, if she does not wish to go through with the trade, she can send back two of the games that I sent her (preferably Kings Quest and Full Throttle, but any pair of the CD based games would be okay), in the same condition as I sent them to her. If none of these are possible, I would also consider offer of other adventure games or cash sufficient to by Syberia, to resolve this.