Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by lakerdodgerfan

Joker BTRs17-Aug-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Joker
Address: Rowlett,Texas
Reporter: lakerdodgerfan

Lets Make this short and simple, i sent him NFL Blitz and a Gameshark Pro(N64) for a Nintedo, 2 controllers,Zelda 2,Rollergames, and courier crisis(PSX). So i sent first since i had less trades then him. He says he gets the package then he says he will send the next day. Then he says that he got held up at work. So i let him go for a bit then 2 weeks later i email him again asking if hes sent and he says he went on vacation. Then another 2 weeks later I email him asking if hes sent yet and he says that the PO says his box was illegal.I was like, gimme a break. Then he said since shipping was taking so long he would throw in a PSX game. Then after another 2 weeks he said im sorry its taking so long just i havent got a ride to go the post office, i was like my god hes 20 something and he doesent have a car.Geez.Then 1 week later I email him again saying if he doesent send by friday id leave a btr so here it is.All im asking for is my games back or the NES and 2 PSX games and the controllers and the 2 games.