Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by appologuist

Omnipresence BTRs9-Aug-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Omnipresence
Reporter: appologuist

John and Myself came to an agreement for a trade on June 26th, 2002. Everything went smoothly, I sent my items, He sent his. I was told that the items Id be recieving were mint and scratch free. Upon recieving the items and checking them, all the games were covered in surface scratches, one had a broken case, and the final fantasy collection game discs look like there is a weird film on the bottom of them. I was very dissatisfied so I emailed John asking for either a trade back or 70.00 in cash. He said that one of the games I traded to him had a cracked case (which it did, I informed him about it in an email before the trade) so he would only send 60.00 and the cracked game back. I said that that would be fine. I waited for 2-3 weeks to get a response from John confirming that the money had been sent, I emailed him numerous times without any response from him. Finally John emailed me the day prior to when I was going to first leave a bad trader report (I informed John that I was going to leave him a bad trader report if I hadnt gotten a response from him), He told me that something was wrong with his keyboard so He couldnt use his computer. I dont know if this is true or not. Now it has been almost 4 weeks since he originally said he would send me the 60.00 and the game with the cracked case. Since the beginning of this week I have emailed John numerous times stating that If I did not hear from him by 9pm tonight (friday, August 9th, 2002) that Id be leaving a bad trader report. I know John has been online within the time frame of Monday and Friday because he has had ebay auctions running. This bad trader report will come down Once I get the money and the game with the cracked case.