Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by ChuckyDJ

DarkPaladinSE BTRs22-Apr-2004
Status: active
Reporter: ChuckyDJ

I sent $6.00 via paypal for 4 various game instruction manuals. A week later I inquired back to check the status of the trade and was told they went out as of yesterday. This was a while back..almost 3 weeks ago now and so I sent 3 more e-mails but no response to any of these. I e-mailed another trader he has a pending trade with and he recieved his stuff cause he didn't send first. Not sure whats going on but would just like to recieve the manuals or the money back either way. This really isn't a big deal but since there are 8 other pending trades I figured maybe others are having same difficulty also. I'll take this down immediately upon receipt of the manuals or the refund of purchase.

UPDATE:(5/19) Almost another month has past and was told the manuals would be recieved from a friend and sent out. Still have recieved neither the manuals nor the money back. Still hoping the deal will complete with a fair ending.