Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by sandpaperback

ebroadie BTRs24-Apr-2004
Status: active
Aliases: elbbrd16 (AIM)
Address: PO Box 1491, Lillington, NC 27546
Reporter: sandpaperback

This could be lengthy . . . March 29, 2004 we pended a trade based on emails and an IM conversation (which took place on the 28th). Eric approached me and offered Xenogears for Parasite Eve. I was okay sending at the same time because I was still under 10 trades, and it wasn't a high-cost trade. We agreed to send on/by Tuesday of that week:

Elbbrd16: ill send at least by tuesday alright
D DohBoy: That's fine. I can't send until Tuesday anyway.
Elbbrd16: ok

I sent out, as promised on Tuesday with DC# 03030130000282599326. The next time I heard from Eric was on Thursday April 1st when he told me this:

D DohBoy: Right, so did you get Xenogears out?
Elbbrd16: yeah i got something to tell you
Elbbrd16: i sending xenogear if you get it and it does not work im a good trader because i will buy you another one and send you it i never give that dos'nt work
D DohBoy:'s scratched up?
Elbbrd16: no im say if it does not work at all i still buy it again for the trader im a good person

I was a little bit bothered that this hadn't been brought up in the first place, but as long as I was able to play the game, I didn't care. During the same conversation, he asked me what the DC number was for. I explained it to him, and assumed that he obviously did not send with it. As he was new, I figured he'd learn. Now, we skip forward to Monday April 10th:

Elbbrd16: did you recieve the game yet i hve not
D DohBoy: If you haven't received your game yet, someone stole it from your mailbox. It was delivered on Thursday, April 8 at 2:10 pm.
D DohBoy: And no, I haven't received yet.
Elbbrd16: i don't have it yet
D DohBoy: Then I don't know what to tell you. It was delivered to:
D DohBoy: eric broadie
p.o box 1491
lillington , nc
D DohBoy: Check with the post office today. Maybe it wouldn't fit in the box and they're holding it for you.
Elbbrd16: ok but if some one did steal it they better not let me catch them
Elbbrd16: somebody stole parasite eve the front office said they did not have it
D DohBoy: How would they have stolen it out of a PO box?
Elbbrd16: it did not fit in the box so they have a table at the door and the game was not there
D DohBoy: They wouldn't just leave people's mail out on a table. That's crazy.
Elbbrd16: theyd o that in lillington
D DohBoy: Well, I'll give the post office a call this afternoon.
Elbbrd16: ok
D DohBoy: In fact, hold on, I'll look up your post office's number now.
Elbbrd16 signed off at 2:13:43 PM.

Signed off, blocked, same thing right? The next day (April 13), I logged into AIM under two different screen names. Remarkably, while my primary account showed him as offline (oh, and an email to him bounced saying he wasn't accepting mail from my address), there he was with my secondary account. So, I told him I had called his Post Office (which I did) and clarified the procedure for DC and PO Boxes. He then told me that sometimes his cousin picks up the mail there. I told him to call his cousin while I waited. A few minutes later he told me his cousin had the game. He still maintained that he sent my game out First class on April 3rd. So far, nothing. Then, the guy had the gall (during the 4/13 conversation) to ask me:

Elbbrd16: hey i don't have any more games and i really want soul caliber can you help me get it some how

Anyway, since then, I've emailed him and had no response. He has 2 of my email addresses and 2 different AIM screen names. He also seems to have made the same deal (Xenogears for Parasite Eve) with another user here, although I can't speak for how that trade is going. At any rate, this BTR is going to stay up until I get a copy of Xenogears. All I want is my end of our trade, it's not a crazy expensive game. Heck, I don't care if it's the Greatest Hits version or not, just get me my game. I doubt I'll hear from Eric again, but perhaps he'll be made aware of this report and reconsider his actions.