Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by demi4200

MemphisMOJO BTRs14-Jul-2004
Status: active
Aliases: richard chaney
Address: 2605 s. main street maryville, mo. 64468
Reporter: demi4200

Updated* 02/20/2006 DO NOT DELETE!!!

deletion email was sent to me with the explaination that he had emailed me to resolve the problem, i recieved no email's from him reguarding resoultion of this matter. if mojo would like to resolve this matter now i would be more then glad to allow the removal of this post . i was missing a copy of Grandia II, zombie revenge, and a keyboard.

we made a trade for a dreamcast (his) and saturn (mine) plus games , i sent first and he droped off the map right after i sent, only after i sent a forceful email did i recive a return email, giving an explaination about him being out of town. i later checked the dates and found out he sent during the dates he said he was out of town and unable to send, but since i was unable to be sure about what happened i never called him on it.

upon inspection i found that several items where missing (the most imporant And most valuable things).

i sent him an email about the items and he assured me he would send them, he even sent me a tracking number (which is now obviously a fake number). this all happened about a month ago.
he also uses a buisness address as his shiping address.