Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Darrenm

Dravin_Yelhsa Canada BTRs23-Sep-2005
Status: active
Address: 5868 Arbutus Ave. Apt. #6, Powell River, B.C, V8A-4S1, Canada
Reporter: Darrenm

We had agreed to trade his excellent/complete Final Fantasy (NES) and his good condition Game Genie with manual for my complete Diablo (PSX). When I had recieved his games, Final Fantasy's box was very ripped/worn, the map was torn and had writing all over it, the manual was a little beat up, the cart was missing most of it's connectors (metal things on the chip), and everything had mold/water damage. The Game Genie was fine, but the booklet was covered in mold, and was basically unusable.

I had e-mailed him, saying I was disappointed with his items, and I was going to send them back. This whole time, he was badgering me, asking me to mark as recieved and give him good ratings. I figured there was no harm, since I had planned to just send his stuff back anyways (I later e-mailed the DRC about this, and asked that the ratings be revoked--I had a feeling he'd try something stupid). He said he didn't want me to send them back, and that he'd like to work something else out instead. I cut him a deal, and said I'd sell it to him for $12+shipping (shipping is about $7.50 the way he requested it). I had to argue with him to get him to send first (I'm quite certain that he would have completely ripped me off if I had done so, and I at least wanted to get something out of this).

I recieved his money order for $12 over a week ago (although he was supposed to send $20, to cover shipping and the game with one money order). I e-mailed him, asking why he had sent $12 instead of the agreed $20, and he gave me some random excuse (don't have that e-mail anymore), and said he'd send the shipping money after he recieved the game. Anyways, I knew it would be absolutely pointless arguing with him (not to mention I was sick of dealing with him), and trying to get him to send the extra $7.50 first, so I went ahead and sent Diablo anyways. The last contact I had from him was from when he recieved Diablo (and even then he didn't say anything to me, just marked it as recieved). I gave him a couple e-mails and messages asking if he was planning to send the shipping money, and then gave him a final warning last Friday (Sept. 16, 2005), saying I would file a BTR if I did not hear from him by this Friday (Sept. 23, 2005). He hasn't logged into the site since Sept. 14, 2005. All I want is the $7.50 he owes me.

Never, under any circumstance, should you trade with this user (assuming he ever returms to the site). If for some reason you do, make sure he sends first, and that he doesn't pull this kind of crap on you.

David, if you read this, know that I am considering filing for mail fraud. It may seem petty for such a small amout of cash, but don't think you can rip someone off and get away with it.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (9-Oct-2005)
Yah, i'm sorry that Darren still can't read properly and did not understand that we never agreed on $20. We agreed on $12 and i said that if i could i would try and send $20. But darren seems like the type to spin everything out of control. If i were anyone else on this site, i would ignore this young trader at all cost! he will bring nothing but sham to you all. as he had broughten to me. Infact, i wish i never traded with him at all. I'm not a bad trader, He just didn't understand the real deal.